Highlights from 2010

Highlights from 2010
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Some of my favorites from 2010...and I have a couple of WIPS to finish today so I can start something new in 2011 (man, that sounds like the future -- where's my flying car and cleaning robot? And while we are on the subject of the Jetsons, I will take Jane's dress as well!).

Happy New Year!


FerJeniB said...

You had such a creative year! Here's to a fabulous creative 2011! Hugs - Jen PS I too feel we should have a Jetson's world or transporter technology ala Star Trek.

Mama Bear said...

The Super Mario Bro quilt is still my fave.

On the subject of the Jetsons...I want the grooming machine...ahhh to be popped out of bed onto a convayer belt and come out on the other end looking like you spent $200 at the salon...lovely.

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