Happy Valentine's Day

I had on my to-do list two Valentine's projects. I got one done, and I am saving the other for next year, I'm ready to move on!

This pillow idea came to me while working on the pineapple. I thought I would make a Valentine's themed pillow cover to replace the retro Christmas cover. I didn't really consider my Dresden size while cutting out the petals -- with the result of a 24" pillow cover! Whoops.

I had though that by placing two red petal together and then a white (etc.) that the petals would look like hearts. I don't think I was successful on that front, but it's still a festive cover.

I embroidery the center circle with plans to needle turn applique it. I do not have the needle turn skill or patience, so I just quickly machine stitched it to the front.

A quick envelope back and I am done! All the fabric for this came from my stash -- just like Pineapple Power! The next project is almost all newly-purchased fabric, but I am trying to go to the stash more often!

Still left to go this month:

• Pattern Pact February -- I chose a pin cushion from Quilts and More Magazine
Old Red Barn Round 9 -- ready to assemble
• Hideaway Quilt -- this is the new one. The blocks are coming together
Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge -- I have everything I need in my stash for month two, just need to get around to it


Jackie said...

It does look like hearts! Very cute! Happy Valentines Day.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think its very heart shaped... and I love the colours and the embroidery.. Happy Valentines... although its not yet arrived over here! ;D

x Alex

Lynz said...

I totes knew it was hearts!! I'm happily saving up all these cushion ideas coz I've too many quilts on the go and CANNOT start another one. So it's throw pillows for me when I *must* try something!

The WoodLand School said...

LOVE the hearts (and yes, I can tell that's what you meant)!

I hear you on the needle-turn impatience! That's why God gave us sewing machines ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Au Contraire! Hearts are the first thing I thought of when the pillow picture popped up -- you're Brilliant! Very, very cute and VERY clever -- I love the embroidery too!

FerJeniB said...

Beth - It's beautiful AND festive. I love the embroidery. - J

Anxiety Cause said...

What a very lovely pillow! It is perfect for the season! Love those colors and prints!

Beth said...

its super cute, and i think they do look like hearts! i love your little center embroidered detail too!

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