A long weekend and a WIP

The family traveled to Cleveland this weekend to visit the in-laws and attend the Kraftmaid Cabinets "seconds" event. And what an event it was. People line up hours in advance of the 7 am opening, at which point a lottery is employed to select the first 150 customers allowed in. I can understand the appeal. We got 6 of the cabinets we'll need to renovate our kitchen for WELL under the retail price. But I guess that's a WIP of a different nature.

Speaking of WIPs, here is this week's:

This is the new Frenchy Bag pattern by Amy Butler. Cute, isn't it?

I am particularly proud of my progress because we've also been taking care of a sick baby. We took Jaxon to the hospital Sunday with a temperature of 105! After a blood analysis, urinalysis, and chest x-ray, they sent us home with a diagnosis of a "virus with a high fever." He does look awfully cute in a hospital gown, though.

We stayed home Monday and Tuesday, and while still a bit fussy, he does seem to be getting back to normal. I do like my job, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to spend every day like this:

Baby Jaxon using my leg as a pillow. *sigh*

More on the Frenchy Bag later this week.


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