Memorial Day Weekend

Did you have a good weekend? We did..although as usual, it sure has gone fast!

Here's what we did:

• Attended Final Fridays in Nelsonville. Ate some super yummy gelato (I had Peanut Butter and Stracciatella; Charlie had Peanut Butter and Orange Cream -- I know!!; and Jaxon had Mango Sorbetto).

• Laid out a faux kitchen in our garage to gauge what cabinets we still need. Made our kitchen seem small...

• Planted flowers in containers. Trying desperately to spruce up the front porch. What's the saying about lipstick and a pig??

• Played with the Macro setting on my camera.

• Cut out fabric for FOUR handbags. Came up with an idea for another, but have to get these done first.

• Spent a lot of time playing with Baby Jaxon. The best thing of all!

What I didn't do:

• Grade papers. Oh snap!

Only two weeks left of school. Unfortunately spring fever has hit hard.


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