Another bag!

Okay, the Frenchy Bag explosion continues....

I LOVE how this fabric combination turned out. This one is supposed to be a gift. I'll have to make myself one of these soon or else I might end up keeping this one! I did a couple of modifications to the pattern for this one, including longer handles.

I tried to get Jaxon to model with it but he was much more interested in this stick.

So cute!

I also got some grading done. A good day!


precious pink pumps said...

I love love love that bag. do you make to sell and do you ship to Australia?

Jane's Designs said...

That bag is so cute (love the fabric) but your model is cuter!

Beth said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Heidi (My Happy Turtle): I got the fabric on eBay. It took me a few auctions to get it for a good price, but I really love it!

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