Two posts in one day!

So I fulfilled my tagging obligations earlier today, but I didn't get a chance to show you any work.

Here's the bag Emily "commissioned" for her mom for Mother's Day. I particularly like the way the handles and pocket turned out. I used more of the iron-on vinyl on the lining and loved the outcome. Emily claimed to not enjoy sewing but wanted to help. We figured out that it is not so much the process of sewing she dislikes -- it's the tools she has. Her sewing machine has no spool holder or bobbin door so you have to hold the spool of thread in one hand and you can't go too fast or the bobbin pops off!! I think I talked her into getting a sewing machine with her first paycheck at the new job. That way she can make a lot of home dec stuff for her (and Travis's) new apartment.

I also completed Emily's going away gift: the Amy Butler handbag. This one is a bit smaller than the shoulder bag I made for the craft swap (more on that later). I really like it. Might make one this size for me.

I promised myself no more sewing until I get my big stack of grading done. Boy, do I rue that decision! I have two bags to make for graduation gifts, I have fabric for two more, than one for myself. Then I have a few ideas for different patterns. Good thing summer is coming!


My Happy Turtle said...

Iron-on vinyl?!! Do tell! I've never heard of the stuff, but it sounds wonderful! Where did you get it from? You've been putting together some great stuff lately. Go, girl, go!

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