Some mistakes and a happy accident

I needed to get two gifts done for a joint baby shower this weekend. I can't be there so I had to have them ready to ship by tomorrow!

I might have rushed a bit, causing a few mistakes, and, as usual, I was tying to do three or four things at once...

I cut the fabric for the patchwork blanket, but I assembled the burp cloths first. I had this idea to use cheap handtowels in between two layers for extra absorbency. So I cut a layer of the novelty fabric, a layer of handtowel, and a layer of thin terry and pinned them together. This is where the problem began. I did this while watching a rerun of "The Office." I just can't get enough...

The terry was just a bitch to sew. It kept stretching and folding in on itself. I was really upset, but when I turned the burp cloth right side out, I had pinned it incorrectly -- with the handtowel on the outside and the messed up terry on the inside. Luckily I had bought blue handtowels that happen to match the novelty fabric. Happy accident!! I went ahead and made them all like that.

Things went a little better with the patchwork blankets. I love the minkee backing. The only problem I really had with these was with the fleece square. I've never sewn with fleece before and it, too, stretches under the presser foot.

Finally, I made wipes and diaper pouches from Jan Andrea's pattern. I added a grommet and made a handle attached to a keychain. That's one thing I wish I would have added to mine. I guess I still could.

And here it is all put together and ready to ship tomorrow:

Next up, lots of stuff for Jaxon's first birthday...softies from the previous post's pattern, decorations, a special bib, and maybe something for me to wear...we'll see.


tracey petersen said...

They have all worked out beautifully and you are so much wiser for the process!
Well done.

pasha said...

very cute!

(my class is just about over so happiness reigns once again!)

My Happy Turtle said...

Julie and Karen LOVED their gifts! They were all so well done - everything turned out great! I especially loved the diaper pouch. Thanks for supplying the link to the pattern. Your addition of the grommet and handle were perfect. I think if the pattern shrunk by two inches per side it would make a great wristlet with that handle (and maybe an inside zipper pocket).
Nice work! Sorry we missed you!

Ferjenib said...

B - All items look cool! Can you post dimensions of the burp cloths please? I am cutting pieces for my baby quilt this week.- J

Anonymous said...

Very cute gift set. I make burp cloths and receiving blankets to give as gifts all the time, now I will add the little diaper pouches too.

I have a question about your blanket. Why do you add the ribbons on the edges?


Beth said...

Hi Lorrie:

Thanks for stopping by. The ribbon loops add another texture for baby to play with, as well as a way to drag the blanket around. Have you seen taggies books/plushies/blankets (http://www.taggies.com/)?

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