Some bad news but a good day

My right hand has been locking up for a couple of months when I do things like write or use scissors or hold a steering wheel. I had an electromyogram yesterday and it ruled out carpal tunnel. That means I more than likely have psoriatic arthritis, an arthritis related to psoriasis and skin inflammation. I'll find out more when my family doctor calls next week.

But despite this I had a really good day. I met my friend Becky and her daughter Julia for a little shopping. We hit up a sale at the fabric store where I got some seasonal fabrics:

And then the bookstore, where I picked up Sublime Stitching and this book on the clearance rack. I also picked up this book for Jaxon on the clearance rack.

When I got home I had a package from Svea at Belle and Pepper's waiting for me. That was super fast! Here is what I bought (the darker green fat quarter was a bonus) to go with my Here Comes Santa Claus:

I have my eye on this, and this, and maybe this, as well. And maybe some more Here Comes Santa Claus. I can't get enough of it!

Now I need to get sewing!

PS Does anyone know of a good resource for buying minky? I usually wait until it goes on sale at JoAnn, but I a looking for a broader color selection -- but I don't want to pay $15-$18 per yard!


Jane's Designs said...

So sorry to hear about your hand, is it painful? Is there anything they can do to help?

Well I love those turkeys. How cute are they. What are you going to make? I just bought 9 patterns that were on sale at Joanns this weekend. So much to do....

jessi said...

Sorry about your hand! My grandma and mom both have rheumatoid arthritis - not fun!

I love your fabrics - especially the turkeys and Christmas ones!

Ferjenib said...

WHAAAT! We talk and you neglect to mention this? The whole family is falling apart (hand to my forehead in a la Scarlett)! How did we end up with these overactive immune systems? On the plus side, the fabric is supercute and you still have the left hand! Also, something else to look forward to: I PROMISE to get your package in the mail this week.



PS. Thanks for the haircut pictures. My nephew is the cutest baby in the universe.

My Happy Turtle said...

Sorry to hear about your right hand! Are you left or right handed? Let me know what you think about Sublime Stitching. I'll get back into embroidery this fall (that's the plan, anyhow).

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