WIPs and a very cute baby

Hi all:

In my last post I mentioned that with the reno on the kitchen, not much sewing would get done. Add to it that I have a horrible summer cold and Jaxon has strep throat (although you'd never know it) and there is not much of ANYTHING getting done around here.

I did get two bags cut in the last couple of days. The one on the right is one of the vintage necktie bags, and I'm actually using neckties this time. The one on the left is for my grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this month, and was supposed to undergo surgery this past Monday, but my grandfather had to have emergency surgery on a ruptured hernia. For those of you who believe that these things happen in threes -- my mother had surgery on her heel this week. So we've had enough surgeries this month! Anyway, the bag on the left will be a small bag for yarn and crochet hooks, and I got a small book of dishcloth patterns. I assume that during her recovery my grandmother won't have the endurance for large projects.

And just to cheer everyone up, here are some pictures of my adorable Jaxon!

I had tied a scrap of fleece from the elephant stroller blankets around my head to make Jaxon laugh and then left it lay. He put it on this morning and was very proud of himself.

Sometimes Artemis is a good kitty. Sometimes.


Jane's Designs said...

Wow, lots going on, hope you and Jaxon feel better soon. All the best for your family, too.

Artemis looks like he might be planning his getaway, just in case things take a turn for the worst.

Not Lucy said...

Thanks for the ideas for the mei tais. My daughter and I talked about the pocket but didn't put one on. She didn't think she would use one and it seemed sort of inconvenient. The pocket on the shoulder strap is a good idea. We might have to think about that one.

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