Travel Crafts: Day 3

"What is it?" you might ask...A bunch of fleece? Modern art? Well, yes, but it is also a restaurant highchair cover. You know those wood one piece highchairs with a strap that NEVER get cleaned? Well, I have thus far refused to use one with Baby Jaxon. We take our Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat everywhere, but I don't think I'll be able to carry it on the plane. So I whipped up this seat cover from a pattern on Jan Andrea's Web site (of course). I used the recommended fleece so I didn't need to line it or finish the edges. And I made it in about half an hour (which is good because I spent most of the day at the office waiting for the FedEx deliverer to show up). The pattern called for a yard of fabric which is really generous -- although fleece is wider than 45". I have over half a yard left. Maybe a stroller blanket is in order?


Ferjenib said...

B - Very cool! PLUS easier to tote around. Although I dearly love the look of shock on faces when you whip out your own seat for Baby Jaxon at restaurants. have fun on your trip - J

Supermom said...


I found your blog via a fellow quilter. Just wanted to let you know of a mini-quilt swap I am hosting. We'd love to have you if you are interested. The details are given at the blog link below. If it happens that you are not interested, I'd still appreciate if you could spread the word in the event some of your blog's readers might like to participate. Thanks!


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