My sewing machine Yahoo group does challenges each month, and I decided it was time to take part. Last month's theme was going green -- either in color or by using recycled materials. I went with the former.

"Luck" is made like "Love," free style piecing and free style letters. This time I used a paper piecing template for the shamrock.

I was a tad bit short on the fabric for the binding so I added a strip of white and added french knot "polka dots."

I'd like to make this a series of three to hang in our foyer. Let's hope I get #3 done more quickly -- it was over a year between "Love" and "Luck."

But before I can start that, I have a couple of project in the pipeline. The next Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along is hexagons. I will use this:

And the UPS man is bringing me a gift tomorrow, and I am sure I need to sew something in welcome.


Jackie said...

Gorgeous fabric selection! I've never seen the umbrella fabric.

Lucky girl with an IPad coming to live with you! I'd love to hear your experiences with it.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh. My. Gosh! You're getting THE Gift! You know....we'll be expecting a review. A big one. From the blogger's perspective!!!

Beth said...

such pretty fabrics! i havent seen the umbrellas eitehr- but I am sure they will make soem great hexes!
lucky you with a new ipad, please do let us all know what you think!

I have a giveaway on my blog all weekend long if you want to pop over too!

beth said...

oooh! I love those umbrellas!! so cute! And the french knots on the binding was a good idea!

MJ said...

I heard of the iPad coming; I popped over to Apple's website but the tv ad wasn't working well. There's heightened expectations created now: you must let us know what you think of the iPad!! What fun!! And it isn't as expensive as other Apple products either!! I was thinking of a laptop but would an iPad suffice?!

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