A graduation gift and cheap inspiration

Charlie has a final tonight and needed study time so I stayed home with Jaxon today. While he was napping (and I was supposed to be grading!!) I finished my cousin Angie's handbag. This is her graduation gift from Jenifer and me. We found the fabric at a little quilt store and I love how it turned out. So soft!

I also had time to start another bag while Jaxon slept (you can see the beginnings in the right of the photo). I know, ANOTHER Frenchy Bag! I've made enough of these I can do it with my eyes closed. This one isn't for anyone in particular, I just had this fabric and thought it would be cute. After I finish this one I have one more cut (for me!!) and then I promise to move on to a design that is super exciting!

Jaxon and I ran some errands this morning, and we stopped by the "Going Out of Business" sale at our local Big Lots. So sad, this particular store was the best. Everything in the store (there isn't much left) is 50% off. I picked up these cute dishtowels (I think)...2 for $1.50. I think they might become handbags with bamboo handles. Any other ideas?

And lastly, I leave you a picture of Jaxon being "crafty." Now if he would just learn not to put the crayons in his mouth!


pinajean said...

i want to commission a frency bag, how much fabric of the 3 patterns?

Ferjenib said...

B - Crafty Jax is too cute! I think he needs to be in another video. Also package is on the way. - J

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