NQA Continued

More from my visit to the National Quilt Association Conference in Columbus...

I liked the fern-y quilting on this one.

Look at this. I mean, c'mon. I can't get motivated to create a quilt when I have this piece of perfection in my head! I love the use of black to set off the bright colors and I LOVE all the different colors. Beautiful!

I thought this was historically interesting -- the quilter wrote to studios in the late 30s, 40s and early 50s and received many, many autographed headshots of actors and actresses. She had her favorites transferred to fabric and quilted them. The other fabric style/color isn't my thing, but I thought the inspiration was nice.

Cute little puppies. AWWW.....Look at the block with the tail!

OK, this was a quilt full of clowns, which I find incredibly creepy; but the monkey was FABULOUS. I want a monkey quilt!!

And that's my day at NQA. I will show you my pitiful purchases later.


Jane's Designs said...

Beth, first thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a nice day with the family.

That one quilt is something else. I agree the black is the magic that makes all the colors work together. Are they machine or hand quilted?

So clowns freak you out, me too. LOL

Ferjenib said...

Wait...wasn't one of your first jobs as a CLOWN and didn't we have to watch Bozo on WGN?

I myself have found clowns creepy since I saw a scary Scooby Doo episode featuring a Kiss-esque Rock Phantom that bore a striking resemblance to Bozo.

I LOVE THE MONKEY! Is that banana quilting in the background?

Love J

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