I turned in my grades Wednesday and my school year is officially over! Yea! I still have to go in at least once a week for a project, but that's okay!

I have plenty to do at home to keep me busy. I just realized that Jaxon's birthday is three weeks away. I have to get working on the party. Also, we are going to start tearing the kitchen apart this weekend. I'm hoping we can have it all done by the J-man's party, but I don't think the countertops will be here in time.

Here are today's WIPs:

These are the parts of two baby blankets I am making for women in my book club. The tops will be the same -- a patchwork of fun jungle prints, chenille, terry, flannel, and fleece. Both will be backed in minkee. Don't these colors make you happy? I love bright stuff for babies. In a future post I will give you a tour of Jaxon's bright room. Also, notice these fabrics match the dining room walls. I sense a theme...

This will soon be a bag, inspired by Black Dog Design's Zakka Sac. My bag will be a lot bigger with lots of pockets inside, fully lined (including the knit bottom), and have a really cool colsure. More on the knitting in a later post. The fabric is Alexander Henry Beach Stripe. Please ignore the ironing board cover.

And today's final work in progress is an attempt to get Jaxon to eat more finger food than just Cheerios. Well, to be fair he'll eat toast or diced up fruit, or peas. I guess we'll see how he does with cake in a few weeks!


Jane's Designs said...

I love that color green, in fact we will be painting the living area that color in the new house.

Jaxon looks like he is enjoying his snack. Very cute.

You are probably so ready for some time off. Enjoy!

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