My first softie design

I want to make Jax a softie (or two) for his birthday, like Easter, but couldn't decide which to make. I have Put Together Book #2 from Wee Wonderful, but I am saving hese guys for Jaxon to be a bit older (have no idea why). I thought a monkey might be good, so I talked to Jhoanna over at One Red Robin, but her Chimp pattern is not available in the US yet. What to do??

And then inspiration struck. Forget the monkey, I will make my own softie pattern!! So I did, and I had it printed at Kinko's on their large format printer (3' x 2'). So much fun!

Can you guess what it is?

Also, we attended the Washboard Music Festival here in Logan. We went for the greasy fair food (hhmmmm....elephant ears!!) but ended up looking through all the vendors' booths as well. We picked up a tie dyed romper for Jaxon (and a tie dyed polo for dad). Doesn't baby Jax look cute? You may have to ignore the cat scratch toy and the drooly chin (3 teeth coming in!!).


Jane's Designs said...

Is it a duck in a clown suit?

Jaxon is very cute drool and all.

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