A Visit to NQA

The National Quilt Association held their annual conference this year (maybe every year) in Columbus, Ohio...just up the round from me and my home town! I decided to drive the hour to the big city and check it out.

I'm glad I can say I went, and I bought a modest three yards of fabric (more on that in a later post) -- but I don't think the amount I spent ($8 entry; $7 parking) was equal to what I got in return.

However...I did see some really cool quilts. *Warning* This post is super picture heavy!

Awesome Japanese wall quilt

Balloon bed quilt...wait for the detail...

That's a lot of piecing!

There were volunteers circulating wearing white gloves so they could show you the quilt backing. I actually liked the back of this one more than the front!

A wall quilt with funky colors and cool shapes...

You'll have to wait for the rest tomorrow. It's bed time!


Jane's Designs said...

The quilts are beautiful. I like the last one the best. Love all those colors.

Tracey Petersen said...

the final quilt is just fabulous. Is that a ribbon for winning a category pinned to it?

Antelope Baby Industries said...

Wow! That japanese quilt is amazing, I can't believe that's all sewn. Great pictures!

Beth said...

Hi Tracey:
Good eye -- that quilt took Second Place for Wall Quilt, Mixed Techniques. Really cool, isn't it?

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