Happy Holidays to you!

We have been keeping busy but finding plenty of time to relax in the modernJax household (mostly during the time I *should* have been writing christmas cards). I've been crafting away, particularly enjoying handwork so I can hang out with the family and enjoy the Christmas tree.

I finally used the last of my Scrappy Holiday Blocks.

Yes, Charlie volunteered to hold the quilt in the snow while wearing shorts and no shoes. Like last year.

I pieced the blocks into this quilt at my retreat and attempted to machine quilt the tree, but really hated it. Ripped it all out and started over with hand quilting. Much better.

I planned this as a gift, but one of the blocks bled in the wash. I'll wash it again and see if the dye comes out.

I've been making lots of treats, my usuals like Buckeyes and fudge, but also these little snowmen. The edible marker didn't work quite as I had hoped -- next time mini Chocolate chips.

I made a batch of cutout cookies and our friends Rose and Evelyn came over to help decorate. The kids had very distinct decorating styles.

Jaxon heaped as much icing as possible onto a cookie for daddy (which daddy dutifully ate) and Evie used almost no icing but a whole container of sprinkles. Festive!

And Jaxon kept going, so Santa has a *nice* surprise when he visits the house.

And while the kids decorated cookies, Rose and I decorated wreaths. I was a bad hostess and took no process photos or photos of Rose's wreath. I took a couple of quick snaps of mine the day after when I finished.

One for grandma....

...and one for...me? Anyone local need a wreath?

And finally, we took Jaxon on the North Pole Express, and he was quite excited!

His favorite part was when the conductor punched his ticket...

...but excitement soon abated and sleepiness took over.

He seems so peaceful when he is sleeping. Here's hoping a peaceful holiday to all of you, my friends!


Jackie said...

My son had similar cookie decorating tendencies. Actually at 21, I think he'd still overdo it! Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday.

Mama Bear said...

I'm really liking the stars on that quilt!

Jaxon looks very excited.

Merry Christmas!

Vickie E said...

Beth that is one action packed post! I have been working like crazy. I have so many things to blog....it could be an hour long read LOL. Polar Express must have been fun :)
Your Christmas tree is cute too. Merry Christmas..

Lynz said...

Man, your kid just gets cuter and cuter!! And in my humblest pf opinions, it osn't Christmas without a photo of a man in his barefeet in the snow. *g*

LOVE the quilt (hoping to god it wasn't my block that bled!!) and the star quilting is perfect!

Have a lovely day tomorrow and I hope Jax has the best day EVAH!!

~Michelle~ said...

ooh, great quilt! and perhaps I happen to have 10 blocks of my own which need to be dealt with... I love Mr. Jaxon's smile too :)

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