Quick Handmade Gifts: Quilt Block Pillow

My guild had a challenge for our November meeting: use the provided Christmas fat quarter to make something.

I've had this block kicking around in my head since the first time I made this gnome. So I put it together.

But then what? I could make it into a doll quilt, but I am out of prime wall space. And kind of out of time. Quilting and binding? NO TIME! So I went for a super quick pillow. My paper pieced block has lots of seams, and I don't want too much stress on those poor seams, so first I'll protect them with some iron on interfacing.

You don't want something too stiff, just enough to keep everything together. I use Pellon Val-U Fuse, mostly because it isn't stiff and I had it on hand.

Make sure your seams are all flat, and apply the interfacing to the back of your quilt block.

Cut your backing fabric to the same size, lay your block and backing front sides together and then layer a piece of batting on either side. You should have a sandwich --batting bread and fabric in between. The batting will keep your pillow from looking lumpy. Stitch all the way around leaving a hole for stuffing.

Stuff and hand sew the hole closed.

Merry Christmas!

And if you choose to make the Santa and elves block (enlarge one paper piece pattern 150%), don't get addicted!! I ended up making Santas for my Fabric Postcard Swap!


Duff said...

YOU are amazing! How you saw Santa in that gnome pattern is just a stroke of genius! Everything turned out so original and fun!!

This is why I follow blogs like yours--always inspiring!

jenclair said...

Love the crisp white and cheerful colors! The pillow is perfect!

AnneMarie said...

Yea! I loved this pillow when you brought it to the meeting!! I've got to learn paper piecing. Too Cute!

Mama Bear said...

Very cute! And I love the stuffed Santa too! Did you make him?

Anonymous said...

This is adorable, I've loved this pattern for awhile to, just have to get around to doing something with it!

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