Final Swap Update of the Day (I hope)

*SHEW* All of the emails have been sent (with one exception of the "new" group) and so far I have only heard from one group with an address mistake (actually two mistakes) so I'm feeling pretty good right now.

I've also heard from a participant that she has already mailed her blocks. Leisel wins a gold star! Also, this means if you *have* noticed a mistake in your group email (or haven't read it closely yet), please let me know! I would hate for your blocks to get sent to the wrong place!!

Take some time to look through the list of participants on the right sidebar and click through some blogs. There is some amazing work going on out there, and I have a bunch of new links in my blog reader!

Speaking of amazing, thanks for all the volunteers to fill the final group. It's full (we've got a couple of new participants!!) but I want to say what a great group of people we're swapping with. Thanks so much for your patience with me and your "Christmas" spirit.

I have a couple of "regular" blog post in the pipeline, but I think I will take a little blog break tonight and read a bit.

Thanks again!


beth said...

you should be feelin' good...what a task! thank you so much for organizing...:)

jessi said...

I think I'll be getting the black star - I just ordered some fabric last night for the blocks. I probably have enough to get started, but half of the reason I joined the swap was for an excuse to buy some fab fabric and I hadn't done it yet.

Natalia said...

Beth- I've got all of lmy blocks done and I'll mail them tomorrow morning. I posted pictures of them on my blog and will also add them to flickr.

Thanks for all your work! I've had fun doing this!

Sophia said...

hey Beth,
We got your first email asking for our details but not one with info on our group and addresses etc to send the blocks to...


p.s. I've made two blocks already, they're looking pretty good methinks.

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