Swap Inspiration

I received our first charity block yesterday! And it's a beaut!

Thanks, Leisel!

I finally started cutting my fabric for my blocks. There has been a lot of talk over at Flickr about getting the blocks to 12.5". I decided to cut my strips to 1.5" and 2.0" (instead of 1.75"). This actually made cutting very easy. I cut strips to 3.5", cut my fussy cut centers from those strips. And then cut my strips into two pieces (2" and 1.5"). Easy peasy!

And that's as far as I've gotten!

But I keep looking for inspiration. How will you be using your blocks?

Maybe a quilt, like this:

Scrappy Cabin By Melly of Melly & Me (photo used with permission)

Or a table runner like these:

Log Cabin Askew by redcleo (photo used with permission)

Mother's Day Runner by gock's frocks (photo used with permission)

Christmas Runner by Sewing Geek (photo used with permission)

More inspiration coming!


Liz B. said...

What a great idea to cut your strips 3.5", fussy cut, then cut your thinner strips!

The WoodLand School said...

I *love* all this inspiration! Now I might have to make even *more* blocks ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, great block! I LOVE that melly and me quilt -- it's a classic by now!

luv2quilt2 said...

I'm really looking forward to receiving my scrappy blocks. I haven't thought yet about exactly what I'll make with them, but you've given me some ideas.


Not sure. depends on what they all look like together when i get them... maybe a runner maybe a xmas tree skirt! ;-)

Dragoth said...

i love the inspiration pictures! I sent my blocks at 13" square with a note to trim down if desired...hope that's o.k.

Beth said...

oh, that blocks is gorgeous! i love that last table runner too, it would be great for the holidays!

Meghann said...

I'm loving the ideas and was actually thinking of a tablerunner and placements for mine....will have to wait and see when I get them:) This has been so much fun and I'm getting close to sending out my blocks!!! Thanks again for hosting this swap.

Siwa said...

Great inspirations! I've just send out 7 envelopes out this morning. One charity block will also reach you hopefully by next 7 or less days.

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