Perhaps I have a problem....and swap update

I shipped a swap package that was a bit belated earlier this week and finished a work project today that has been monopolizing my time, so I thought it was time to check out my Christmas fabric stash and see what I might need to pick up to complete my blocks.

I don't think I will need to pick anything up. And the fat quarters in the upper left corner I picked up while on vacation thinking I would need more holiday fabric. *ahem*

I've heard back from most of you swappers, thanks for getting me your info. There are still about 20 of you I haven't heard from. I'm guessing I ended up in your spam folder so I sent a reminder email this evening. Please have your info to me (full name, mailing address, international shipping preference -- yes or no, and blog address if applicable) by this weekend so I can get everyone sorted into groups. **If I am in your spam folder in Gmail you will have to move the email from spam to inbox in order to be able to send and receive to/from me.**

As I get email responses I sort your information and put you in my sidebar (right over there on the right). Please make sure you see your name (and that the link to your blog is correct if you have one) and the correct number of blocks you've signed up to make.

We already have progress photos posted at Flickr, as well as some lively discussions about block sizes, colors, etc, in our Flickr forum! Please join us!

Some questions have come up in my emails with you. Many people have asked about color. No, you don't need to stick only to "traditional" Christmas colors. As you can see in the above picture I have quite a bit of holiday fabric in aquas and pinks, and I plan to use it! Think scrappy!

Also, the question of pre-washing has come up over at Flickr. I know we all have our own preferences when it comes to pre-washing fabric -- personally I like to do it, mostly because I have sensitive skin so I like to make sure all the chemicals from manufacturing and dirt from handling are washed out. I know many people prefer to work with unwashed fabric, and that is fine! I plan on sashing my quilt in white, so I will wash it with a color catcher to make sure reds don't bleed...but otherwise I am not too concerned.

Just remember that we are doing this to spread a little holiday spirit (and to get some awesome blocks!!), so don't stress over your blocks -- enjoy the process of giving and receiving!



beth said...

your fabrics look great! and thanks for planning the swap...what fun!

DAWN said...

Some of us (me included) have had a problem in getting the finished blocks to 12 1/2". Using my 1/4" quilting foot with guide gives me a block that is 11 1/2". Using a scant 1/4" gives me a block that is 12 1/4". This is after pressing and squaring up after each strip. Sooooo what I decided to do is increase the width of the last strip set...instead of being the 1 3/4" it is 2 1/2" and now I have room to square it up to 12 1/2". Just thought I'd share my trial and error experience with everyone. Dawn

Katy said...

I started cutting strips last night so I am good to go!

I always use a colour catcher in my quilts, even when they've been washed a million times - just in case, and a cup of salt on new quilts too, it works a treat!

LyndaG said...

Thanks for the info .. I found the flicker page and feel much better about my blocks, although haven't posted yet. I know I get a bit overly focused on whether perfect or not, and miss the goal of having fun... so I am going to be more spontaneous in creating a scrappy look and enjoy the experience!

Amy said...

Your fabric looks great! I've been searching for some Christmas fabric--I needed an excuse to buy more!! Thanks! :)

Deb said...

This is exciting. I'm going to buy some more christmas fabric which is fun fun fun!

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