A tiny swap update

Charity blocks received today from:

Cecelia (and thanks for volunteering to bind!)
Courtney (and thanks for the extra scraps for charity project!)

Thank you all so much! I've added an asterisk next to the your names in the list of participants -- so if you want to make sure I've received your block you can check there.

We have two weeks and a day until the mailing deadline so no panicking (remember your Christmas spirit!!) but do check out the Flickr group as the pictures are really rolling in now!

Sophia -- I've emailed you multiple times with no response but I saw your comment on the blog. Are you receiving my emails? I will try one of my other email addresses and see if that works. Also, try emailing me at modernjax@gmail.com



SophiaAster said...

Hi Beth, are you trying to get ahold of me or another Sophia? (My real name is Lisa) I have gotten a couple of emails from you.

Sophia said...


I'm pretty sure I'm the Sophia you're trying to get hold of. I've replied to each of your emails but they don't seem to be getting through. I've just emailed you from a different account, fingers crossed.


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