Quick Swap Update

I have everyone organized into groups, and you will be receiving an email from me tomorrow with your teammates' information. Those of you who signed up to make and receive 12 blocks will receive two emails, as you are in two groups!

I have given up hope of hearing from our last few participants. I've had a few volunteers since the call for participants closed, but I still need two more swappers. So if you thought you missed out, or you are already participating and want to make 6 more blocks, comment on this post. I will need these participants to be able to ship internationally, and I'll need you to respond to my email back to you with your information ASAP. I will take the first two to comment.



Robin said...

I would be willing to make either 6 or 12 blocks. Just let me know.
Robin in Seal Beach, CA

Debbie said...

me too...i can do 6 more since i'm ahead of schedule..let me know.

beth said...

thanks for doing all the work! let me know if you need help. i can do more blocks if you need them.

becca said...

i think you're all set now- but I will gladly bump to 12 if needed and no problem w/ the international shipping. thx!!

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