Swap deadline approaching!

Please have your blocks posted by September 1, this coming Tuesday. I've had lots of people let me know that they've sent their blocks, but not many have said they've received blocks. I'm hoping this is just some slowness on the post office's part, and blocks aren't lost!

If you are anticipating a problem meeting the deadline, please email me and let me know (and let your teammates know, or I can) so no one thinks they are forgotten. Remember your Christmas spirit!

I've received a lot of charity blocks since my last post. Thanks to:
Melissa D.
Laurie Jean

I've given you some ideas for using your blocks, but how about thinking about setting them in a non-traditional way? Our original inspiration, Elizabeth's Scrappy Hedgerow Quilt, has a large white sashing around each block. I love this clean modern look, letting each block "shine."

You might think about no sashing at all, like this one by our own Katy (I promise I'm not stalking Katy, but she has done some really great projects!!):

Used with permission and seen here

*Or* keep using those scraps and add a square between sashings:

Used with permission of Dee and seen here

*Or* are you willing to cut some of your blocks? It might be tough, but you could make something really unexpected like this:

Used with permission of Woolly Interlude and seen here

Or this:

Used with permission of Because I'm Me and seen here

Or this! (I didn't get permission to post this one, but it is definitely worth a look! Go ahead, I'll wait.) Cut your blocks into fourths and then sew them back together with parts from other blocks!

And I really love this one, but it will mean you'll need to make more blocks: Wonky Stars and Log Cabins Wouldn't that make a fabulous Christmas quilt? In case you want to try: Wonky Star Tutorial

Have fun!


Dee said...

Oh...Beth, the wonky star and log cabin is to die for. You've given me so many new ideas! Thank you. Thank you!

Wendy said...

Yes, thanks for all the great ideas! Pretty sure I want to make a tree skirt with mine - maybe with a wonky star or two -
I mailed the charity block to you yesterday

beth said...

I received some blocks yesterday and posted about it today!
thanks for all your work...it sure is fun!

Katy said...

oh wow - the cutting up idea looks awesome. That way you'd get more block for your buck too. And I love the wonky stars. Oh my - I have a spinning head with the ideas!!!

calicodaisy said...

Thanks for all the tips. I'm getting ready to sew up my blocks now. I hope I turn out a real quilt when all the blocks are received! -- michele

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