Another bag!

Okay, the Frenchy Bag explosion continues....

I LOVE how this fabric combination turned out. This one is supposed to be a gift. I'll have to make myself one of these soon or else I might end up keeping this one! I did a couple of modifications to the pattern for this one, including longer handles.

I tried to get Jaxon to model with it but he was much more interested in this stick.

So cute!

I also got some grading done. A good day!


Memorial Day Weekend

Did you have a good weekend? We did..although as usual, it sure has gone fast!

Here's what we did:

• Attended Final Fridays in Nelsonville. Ate some super yummy gelato (I had Peanut Butter and Stracciatella; Charlie had Peanut Butter and Orange Cream -- I know!!; and Jaxon had Mango Sorbetto).

• Laid out a faux kitchen in our garage to gauge what cabinets we still need. Made our kitchen seem small...

• Planted flowers in containers. Trying desperately to spruce up the front porch. What's the saying about lipstick and a pig??

• Played with the Macro setting on my camera.

• Cut out fabric for FOUR handbags. Came up with an idea for another, but have to get these done first.

• Spent a lot of time playing with Baby Jaxon. The best thing of all!

What I didn't do:

• Grade papers. Oh snap!

Only two weeks left of school. Unfortunately spring fever has hit hard.


Two posts in one day!

So I fulfilled my tagging obligations earlier today, but I didn't get a chance to show you any work.

Here's the bag Emily "commissioned" for her mom for Mother's Day. I particularly like the way the handles and pocket turned out. I used more of the iron-on vinyl on the lining and loved the outcome. Emily claimed to not enjoy sewing but wanted to help. We figured out that it is not so much the process of sewing she dislikes -- it's the tools she has. Her sewing machine has no spool holder or bobbin door so you have to hold the spool of thread in one hand and you can't go too fast or the bobbin pops off!! I think I talked her into getting a sewing machine with her first paycheck at the new job. That way she can make a lot of home dec stuff for her (and Travis's) new apartment.

I also completed Emily's going away gift: the Amy Butler handbag. This one is a bit smaller than the shoulder bag I made for the craft swap (more on that later). I really like it. Might make one this size for me.

I promised myself no more sewing until I get my big stack of grading done. Boy, do I rue that decision! I have two bags to make for graduation gifts, I have fabric for two more, than one for myself. Then I have a few ideas for different patterns. Good thing summer is coming!

I've been tagged!

Jane got me! Now I have to tell you seven random things about myself and tag seven other bloggers!

1. I am blogging IN CLASS while my students watch a movie ("Sliding Doors" if you must know, and yes, it is relevant. The class is Nonlinear Storytelling).

2. I wish I was a performer of some sort (which is probably why I teach -- we're all frustrated performers); maybe a lounge singer.

3. I don't know if this is random, because number two was a good segue...I love Fred Astaire. Seen all his movies. My dad has the same birthday. Borderline obsession.

4. I played varsity tennis in high school and have barely picked up a racket since then. I miss it.

5. I miss waking up by my own accord, not because the baby has wakened me.

6. I went to a conference in Hawaii a couple of years ago and fell in love...with everything. It's a little too far for me to take up residence there, but I am always plotting a trip back.

7. I love the artwork of Shag. I wish I had an actual print.

And now you know! And knowing is half the battle.

Here are the bloggers I am tagging:

Jenifer: http://wihio.blogspot.com/

Mr. Monkeysuit: http://mrmonkeysuit.typepad.com/

Pasha: http://pashaplum.blogspot.com/

House on Hill Road: http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/

Mama Urchin: http://mamaurchin.com/

Heidi: http://myhappyturtle.blogspot.com/

And one non-crafter:

Matt: http://myapartmentsucks.blogspot.com/

Rules: Write seven random things about yourself and tag seven other bloggers.

I'll try to post pictures of the bag I made Emily to give her mom for Mother's Day, and the bag I gave Emily for her going away present later today!


Two new bags

I had to "hide" this bag from you so mom wouldn't see it before Mother's Day. This was a group effort. Jenifer provided the fabric and I sewed it up. Charlie and David...agreed it was a nice gift! :-)

I used iron-on vinyl to "waterproof" the tote so it would be beach-worthy. I love the stuff -- I think you'll be seeing a lot more of it.

The fabric is from the Dick and Jane line by Michael Miller.

In progress is this Frenchy handbag. It's the same Amy Butler pattern I used for the craft swap, only a bit smaller. I love this fabric. the main fabric is mirror ball dot by Micheal Miller, the accent fabric is from Summer in the City by Moda, and the lining is something mom and I found at JoAnn. The dot is a bit of a pain because it has some stretch to it.



I cut two bags, so you'll be seeing another one soon.

And another beach tote coming soon...


Lots of goodies!

Well, I wasn't going to post my craft swap goodies until I was sure my swap partner received them, but I just can't wait any longer!

Here's everything I sent Ana. I was a bit intimidated, as she is a star in the scrapping world, but I think the Frenchy Bag turned out to be pretty cute.

Here is the bag hanging on my favorite chair.

I'll be making a few more of these from the Amy Butler pattern. I have lots of fabric picked out! I have a different bag completed that I can't post about until after Saturday, and another that should be finished tonight . . . as long as I can get it done in the next 30 minutes. Can't let The Office sit on the Tivo unwatched for too long without going through withdrawal.


A long weekend and a WIP

The family traveled to Cleveland this weekend to visit the in-laws and attend the Kraftmaid Cabinets "seconds" event. And what an event it was. People line up hours in advance of the 7 am opening, at which point a lottery is employed to select the first 150 customers allowed in. I can understand the appeal. We got 6 of the cabinets we'll need to renovate our kitchen for WELL under the retail price. But I guess that's a WIP of a different nature.

Speaking of WIPs, here is this week's:

This is the new Frenchy Bag pattern by Amy Butler. Cute, isn't it?

I am particularly proud of my progress because we've also been taking care of a sick baby. We took Jaxon to the hospital Sunday with a temperature of 105! After a blood analysis, urinalysis, and chest x-ray, they sent us home with a diagnosis of a "virus with a high fever." He does look awfully cute in a hospital gown, though.

We stayed home Monday and Tuesday, and while still a bit fussy, he does seem to be getting back to normal. I do like my job, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to spend every day like this:

Baby Jaxon using my leg as a pillow. *sigh*

More on the Frenchy Bag later this week.

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