A haircut and a tote

Jaxon got his first big boy haircut! *sigh* He doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Yesterday when I picked up Jaxon from daycare (*ahem* early childhood education center) I was reminded that this is one of his teacher's last week. I threw this bag together today with fabric I had in my stash. I've been hoarding the Alexander Henry Wahine fabric, but I think Susan will appreciate it. The bad thing about me doing something last minute -- I tend to make lots of mistakes. The biggest one: I sewed the strap on the inside of the bag. At least it was an easy fix.


Some bad news but a good day

My right hand has been locking up for a couple of months when I do things like write or use scissors or hold a steering wheel. I had an electromyogram yesterday and it ruled out carpal tunnel. That means I more than likely have psoriatic arthritis, an arthritis related to psoriasis and skin inflammation. I'll find out more when my family doctor calls next week.

But despite this I had a really good day. I met my friend Becky and her daughter Julia for a little shopping. We hit up a sale at the fabric store where I got some seasonal fabrics:

And then the bookstore, where I picked up Sublime Stitching and this book on the clearance rack. I also picked up this book for Jaxon on the clearance rack.

When I got home I had a package from Svea at Belle and Pepper's waiting for me. That was super fast! Here is what I bought (the darker green fat quarter was a bonus) to go with my Here Comes Santa Claus:

I have my eye on this, and this, and maybe this, as well. And maybe some more Here Comes Santa Claus. I can't get enough of it!

Now I need to get sewing!

PS Does anyone know of a good resource for buying minky? I usually wait until it goes on sale at JoAnn, but I a looking for a broader color selection -- but I don't want to pay $15-$18 per yard!


WIPs and a very cute baby

Hi all:

In my last post I mentioned that with the reno on the kitchen, not much sewing would get done. Add to it that I have a horrible summer cold and Jaxon has strep throat (although you'd never know it) and there is not much of ANYTHING getting done around here.

I did get two bags cut in the last couple of days. The one on the right is one of the vintage necktie bags, and I'm actually using neckties this time. The one on the left is for my grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this month, and was supposed to undergo surgery this past Monday, but my grandfather had to have emergency surgery on a ruptured hernia. For those of you who believe that these things happen in threes -- my mother had surgery on her heel this week. So we've had enough surgeries this month! Anyway, the bag on the left will be a small bag for yarn and crochet hooks, and I got a small book of dishcloth patterns. I assume that during her recovery my grandmother won't have the endurance for large projects.

And just to cheer everyone up, here are some pictures of my adorable Jaxon!

I had tied a scrap of fleece from the elephant stroller blankets around my head to make Jaxon laugh and then left it lay. He put it on this morning and was very proud of himself.

Sometimes Artemis is a good kitty. Sometimes.


Some time at home...

We've finally returned home with no trips in sight. We had fun on our travels, but it is good to be home!

Jaxon got to see the Pacific Ocean and went to the San Diego Zoo, his first MLB game, and lots of fun hands–on museums. Here is a look:

I managed to make a couple of fleece stroller blankets yesterday using my June Tailor Fancy Fleece Slotted Ruler. I can't believe the deal I got on this thing -- I saw it online for $30 -- I paid one tenth the price! Which edge do you like better -- the waves or the large pinking?

We are desperately trying to finish the kitchen so I am on full time Jaxon duty -- there probably won't be too much sewing going on for awhile!


Travel Crafts: Day 3

"What is it?" you might ask...A bunch of fleece? Modern art? Well, yes, but it is also a restaurant highchair cover. You know those wood one piece highchairs with a strap that NEVER get cleaned? Well, I have thus far refused to use one with Baby Jaxon. We take our Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat everywhere, but I don't think I'll be able to carry it on the plane. So I whipped up this seat cover from a pattern on Jan Andrea's Web site (of course). I used the recommended fleece so I didn't need to line it or finish the edges. And I made it in about half an hour (which is good because I spent most of the day at the office waiting for the FedEx deliverer to show up). The pattern called for a yard of fabric which is really generous -- although fleece is wider than 45". I have over half a yard left. Maybe a stroller blanket is in order?

Travel Crafts: Day 2

Yesterday I threw together a laptop cover to coordinate with my beach bag, which I will be taking along as my airplane carryon. It didn't quite workout the way I planned -- I made the exterior so tight I couldn't fit the lining in. Oh well, I think I'll turn the lining into a bag!

Also, I attempted to take a picture of Jax in the Mei Tai, but when I followed the directions for getting him into it on my back it was madness! I'm just not that coordinated; I think it will take a few tries to get it down. I'll get Charlie to help.

I'm hoping today's sewing project will go together really quickly -- I'll share more later.

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