Too cold, too cold!

Jaxon keeps saying "Ice ice, baby! Too cold! Too cold!"

Is it child abuse if your child knows Vanilla Ice lyrics? It doesn't help that when we look outside we see this:

The dog thinks it is the Best. Thing. Ever. She throws herself into the snow bank that is our deck and buries her face. Charlie says our old lady is battling doggy hot flashes.

But it is kind of cozy in the house, watching the Olympics and stitching. This one's for Aneela.


Marking off "to dos"

I shortened my to do list...

1. Completed my February blocks...John, this was a fun tutorial!

2. Selected fabrics for my blocks (I'm March). I'm going with this block, but I need to make a practice version before I send out the fabric -- and make sure how much to include in each package.

3. Made my mom some throw pillows with fabrics from Hawaii and Kona cotton. I love to FMQ throw pillows -- it's so fast!

4. Finally got this poster framed and hung -- I bought it over a year ago during our trip to Copenhagen. To the right are a series of Danish Christmas stamp sheets from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. But before we could hang it...

Jaxon had to point out his favorite kings and queens. His favorite is Harald I Bluetooth. Who's yours?


Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW!

That title is my best Rosemary Clooney impression. We are covered in a layer of ice and several inches of snow. A great day to stay in and play with this....

I had two gift cards from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket -- one from Fat Quarter Shop and one from Pink Chalk Fabrics. Both are now gone! The stack on the left is for my month in my quilting bee; the two pieces of Amy Butler's Love are for a skirt; and the bottom stack contains some fabrics I've been coveting for awhile!

And I got three patterns, one is the skirt I mentioned above, and the other two looked interesting. Also, I finally splurged on the Kona color card...but it's much more than a card. It keeps going and going!

I finally finished my January blocks for Cassie. She asked for windmills of any type, and I love this block! Very fun! I also made the smaller block as a bonus because I cut too many triangles.

And I've been playing with the new camera. Jaxon wants to be in every shot. "Mommy, I SAID cheese!!"

Finally, I am trying to save enough money for the tuition for Heather Ross's Fabric Design Class (I'll worry about the flight and hotel later!!). With that goal in mind, I have added some things to my Etsy store -- and there is more to come.

Recent Additions to My Etsy Store
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