Keep it simple, stupid!

There has been some *drama* on the interwebs about the dumbing down of quilting (just Google it). I'm a little late to the party, but as far as I can tell, there are about three arguments...

1. The modern quilt movement is just a euphemism for sloppy quilt–making.
My response: Eff that. For reals. This actually reminds me of a story Chuck Csuri tells. Chuck is a celebrated artist who specializes in computer–generated art, and I had the good fortune to work with him in graduate school. In his office hangs a framed telegram from ARTFORUM magazine that reads something like "I can't imagine ARTFORUM magazine ever featuring art made on a computer."

Shortsighted, no? And we see this in a lot of creative endeavors -- the old guard not accepting something new and different. Isn't there room for everyone? Keep doing what makes you happy. Chuck did.

edited to add -- I found the telegram online!

2. Bloggers are generating overly simple quilts to be able to post more often.
My response: If it bothers you that much, don't read those blogs. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I *wish* I could be as prolific as some of the bloggers I follow (obviously, as I am averaging one blog post per month I do not fall in this category, but see below**), simple quilts or not!

3. Pattern designers are bilking the naive public out of their hard–earned dollars by selling basic / historical designs.
My response: Then don't buy those patterns. When I first began quilting I bought a magazine with a snowball quilt on the cover. I had no idea the name of the block, or that I could search for it online and find the pattern for free. I saw a quilt I liked, I bought the pattern, I made it (learning something new to me) and grew a bit as a quilter. Seven dollars well spent.

**So in solidarity with the modern quilting movement, the quilters who are able to make a lot of simple quilts, and the newbies who need a little confidence boost by buying a few patterns -- here are two quilts I made last month for baby showers -- simple, made with love, and appreciated.

For my sister–in–law:

A panel surrounded by piano keys. This fabric was some that I raided from my sister's house last December. I ran out of time to do a label -- Chris, I need to add that!

For my cousin:

My coveted Prints Charming rockets fabric surrounded by squares, also from my stash. The border is also hoarded Prints Charming. And cute little Jaxon hands holding it up (he's gotten so tall!)

I made a rocket–shaped label...

...and need to add Isaiah's name now that he's been born!

And this might be why it took me awhile to quilt it! That's a 20 pound cat -- I'm not that strong!

And I haven't posted in a bit because work has been cra-zazy. But I did agree to help a student with a project for another class. If you forward to 1:20 you can see me and my large lecture "bernie-ing."

Only three weeks left and then we're off to Disney World! Any advice for visiting with an almost-5-year-old??


Scavenger Hunt: April

I've been meaning to take part in the photo scavenger hunt since January when I saw it at Anna's. Finally, I jumped onboard...almost. I'm shy two (and a half) photos.

a church: This is actually the chapel at OU -- as a non-denominational public university we don't have a church, but I am counting it.

a cross: Again, not a literal translation, but I think the Dogwood should count.

a sculpture: Another OU icon, this sculpture, by David Hostetler, stands outside Alden Library.

a set of keys: Obviously, Jaxon's

an interesting shop name: The Plaid Butterfly, in old Nelsonville

April Showers: We've seen too many of them this month -- lots of flooding in the area.

breakfast: I forgot to take a photo of the lovely breakfast I had with my friend Lisa, but outside the cafe was this little plate of "breakfast" for local dogs.

eggs: HHHMMMM...chocolate!

something yellow: These daffodils sprout up in the field across from our house every spring.

your camera: This is the half...I actually took this shot when I got my camera.

And the two I missed: something to mark St. George's Day and something to do with Shakespeare. Bummer, but now I have a goal of getting them all in May.

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