Checking In

Once again, an apology for the blog break. Since I last checked in we've celebrated Jaxon's 2nd birthday, and I've completed two quilting classes: machine quilting and hand quilting. I haven't been brave enough to apply what I learned yet...

And I have, of course, been working on my tenure case and sewing.

It's been awhile since you've seen this, and I finally have it basted but I am a little nervous about quilting it. I used the Sharon Schamber method of basting (parts 1, 2) and it really made it easy! Here it is ready to be basted.

And a friend of mine just started a job at U of Cincinnati so I made her a little congratulations gift.

I did some "cheap" decorating the week of Jaxon's party, including these colanders I picked up on sale at Sur La Table (please ignore the lack of lighting fixture above our sink -- we're getting there).

And did you know the post office has a series of stamps celebrating the Eames's work? I bought a frame half off and had a matte cut, and including the cost of the stamps I have a nice piece of art for less than $20. I also got some great old airline ads framed for the kitchen, but I haven't hung them yet.

I have 5 quilts at some level of completion, from basted and ready to quilt (above) to cut and ready to be pieced. I'll share those when I can -- unfortunately Charlie's grandfather passed away yesterday and we will be away for a bit. Don't forget to give your loved ones a squeeze!

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