In the blink of an eye

The week is over in a blink! It's hard to believe Mother's Day was a week ago.

We went handmade this year (kind of including my gift -- a GC to FatQuarterShop.com). I made my mom and my MIL pillow shams. Jaxon's school had a fundraiser over the holiday where parents could by their children's artwork on mugs, matted prints, tshirts, postcards, and squares of fabric. I used Jaxon's tree as the center square with this cute tree-themed fabric from JoAnn.

I got one shot before Jaxon hijacked the pillows.

After that, I got one more shot off before I was told no more pictures!

I also made rice therapy packs for my sis and SIL. They were inspired by one I received from Courtney (that I never got a photo of because it's been in use all the time). I kind of miscalculated the amount of rice necessary and I now have a giant mixing bowl full of lemon and eucalyptus scented rice. Or as Charlie says, "lemon pledge and mentholyptus."

Now that these gifts are done, I've decided to challenge myself. Can I make a quilt in a week? Not a doll quilt or a table runner -- but an honest to goodness quilt-sized quilt! I had all the fabric cut for my beach/picnic blanket so I started sewing blocks on Wednesday. Here they are as of this morning, they are now sewn together in a quilt top.

This was probably a really bad challenge to do during the school year, but I have so many WIPs I wanted to see if I could actually complete something start to finish in a shorter time frame than the year it usually takes me. Of course, I've completed the part I like -- now I need to piece the backing and baste. UGH. This won't be done by Wednesday -- too many papers to grade!! -- but maybe by the weekend.

And look what the mail carrier brought to my house this week: a swap package from Courtney. I was so excited to get this lovely quilt on the table that I forgot to also photograph the accompanying fabric coasters! Thanks Courtney!

This is called "April Showers bring May Flowers." Check out the *adorable* rain print!


Spring Swap

Thanks for all the kind comments about my tenure. My director has received a copy of my promotion letter, but I have yet to see my copy, so I have been joking that this is all an elaborate hoax. But it better not be!!

Courtney and I are swapping again (we can't be stopped). We decided on a spring-themed mini quilt with embroidery and one other item. I was inspired by her post about Jay's Meadow, and, as usual Project Improv. You may need sunglasses for these pics -- the quilt *is* bright, and it was an extra sunny day -- and my batteries died before I could shoot more than a couple of pictures.

I drew some flowers on linen, and then embroidered using two different shades of pink. I filled in all the blank areas with french knots, going for the look of a wild meadow.

After some machine quilting, I had the perfect spot on the back for a label...

Whoops, this is before I stitched down the label.

And I also made a necklace out of fabric covered beads (Midwest Modern Ohio Sky). I love how this turned out (I *must* make one for me) but I am a little concerned about its staying power. Courtney, keep me posted on how it wears!

My batteries died right after this shot, and I was too lazy to dig out the fully charged set, so this will have to do.

Also, I've been meaning to "comment" on this post by Joanna about turning off commenting on her blog. Can you other bloggers identify with this? I can, but not completely. I *do* feel guilt about being a delinquent responder to comments, and I agonize over you "no-reply" commenters (commenters who only leave a name, but no way of responding via email). I always think, "Does she know I can't respond, or does she think I'm ignoring her thoughtful comment?" When the no-reply commenter has a blog, I always try to leave a comment....but wonder if it is enough. Oh, the angst!

I also identify with Joanna feeling sorry for herself for not getting "enough" comments. I recognize that this is ridiculous, having a blog is not a popularity contest (and admitting my insecurities has me insecure), but there it is.

I think, though, for me blogging is not just about throwing my thoughts/work/family out there into the internet ether, but making connections with people who, although aren't geographically near me, share a commonality. Whether that commonality is crafting, or caring for a toddler, or balancing a career with both those former things, it's nice to have friends who understand me....even if they don't "know" me in a traditional sense.

So I am making the choice to leave my commenting "on." I look forward to hearing from you, old friends.


Necessary Fabric Hoarding

I finished a couple of gifts today but, along with a package I sent out last week, I can't share with you yet. I need to start making for myself instead of making gifts so I have something to post!

I did do *something* for myself. I've been drooling over Elizabeth House's new line, Red Letter Day. It's finally available and I snatched up a fat quarter pack -- (*justification ahead*) I needed to see the whole line to match to my dining room for curtains, etc.

Here's what I am thinking:

Trees = roman shade; Rings = french door curtains (this looks yellow on the linked page but is actually green); stripe = chair pads for the chairs currently without

I like how the tree print has black (like the furniture), green (like the walls), and orange (like two of my vintage chairs and the pads on the others). Thoughts or other ideas?

And, you know, you save on shipping if you place a bigger order (don't burst my bubble), so I picked up this as well:

I have a feeling this will be one of those prints that I can't bring myself to cut. *sigh*

edited to add: I almost forgot! I found out today that my tenure case has been approved. I am now an Associate Professor.


May Already??

I haven't posted in awhile thinking I didn't have any pictures to share (and I hate a photo-less post). I had two projects I couldn't show you, so I avoided posting. When I downloaded my photos from the camera this evening I realized I had plenty to show you: I have the cutest boy in the world!

I *can* show you one of the projects -- my mom's birthday quilt. Mom's birthday is today (Happy Birthday), and we gave her the quilt yesterday so I am now safe. You might remember this quilt top from way back here. I put it on the back burner when I thought mom might suspect she was getting it for Christmas. I am happy to say I finished this in time to include in my Spring to Finish. I need a hand quilting break for a bit.

Speaking of Spring to Finish, Jacquie is doing a second in May (because some of us have a lot of WIPs to finish)!! I'm hoping to get two or three half-done projects off my plate, and will be including the painting of my sewing room on the list.

In non-crafting news, we took Jaxon to Final Friday in April, and let him look at the trains. He was a bit disappointed he couldn't climb all over them, but still had fun.

Also, in my April roundup:

We ate watermelon...

...and put paper towels on our heads.


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