June Photo Scavenger Hunt: The Disney Edition

We've been home from vacation for almost two weeks and I'm just feeling settled in. Isn't that always the way -- back to the grind plus vacation laundry, catching up on the mail, blogs, email, and you need a vacation from your vacation!

I tried to get shots at Disney that would work for June's photo scavenger hunt. Let's see how I did!

A Childhood Memory:

Main Street and Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom

Jaxon and my nephew Marcelo with Mickey, The Polynesian Hotel


Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise, Magic Kingdom

Spears at the entrance of Adventureland, Magic Kingdom (and some random dude adjusting his sunglasses)

Something beginning with "z:"

It's a Small World, Magic Kingdom

A wheel trim:

It's a Small World, Magic Kingdom (okay, not really a wheel)

Jaxon at Animal Kingdom (kind of lame for "wheel trim," but a cute kid!)


The Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios (it's always night in space, right?)

A farm animal:

Miss Piggy, the center of attention at Hollywood Studios

Architectural detail:

Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom

Tree of Life, Animal Kingdom

Tiki Room (closed for renovation), Magic Kingdom

Tree branches:

Safari ride, Animal Kingdom

Lightning McQueen and Mater Topiaries, Epcot


Safari ride, Animal Kingdom

Topiary, Magic Kingdom

BIL David and nephew Marcelo, Magic Kingdom

Something with your town's name on it:

A very nice cast member who didn't mind me taking a photo of his name badge, Magic Kingdom

The view right outside your door:

The view outside Cinderella's door -- I really struggled with this one, as I don't actually live at Disney World ;-)


Pizza Planet, Hollywood Studios

Today is our wedding anniversary -- 10 years -- but I will be back soon with a few more photos and maybe some actual sewing!



We're about to enter finals week -- and not only do I have the usual end-of-the-school-year rigmarole, but I also need to have my grades done by Friday so we can leave for Florida on Saturday. And be packed and ready to go. And clean the house top to bottom for the pet sitter.

I'm trying to be laid back about it. I am not someone who is usually described as laid back.

So the blog moves down the "to do" list in these situations, which results in posts like this one -- random photos from the previous two weeks. Bear with me.

There's been....

Handmade birthday and Mother's Day gifts for my mom....

Charity blocks for the guild...

Swim lessons...

Planting flowers....

...with Jaxon....

Indecision over what to make for the I heart the 80s swap, so wasting time making extra gifts instead...

(and thought one of the kitschy SciFi buttons I've been hoarding made a perfect closure)

And, unfortunately, I only got ONE photo for the May scavenger hunt (which is totally lame as I had others planned and just couldn't get to the locations)...

I'm thinking for June I will do an all Disney World version of the scavenger hunt...although I might have to cheat a little on "something with your town's name on it." Unless someone knows where I can find "Logan" at WDW?? It could be worse!

Looking forward to some lazy days soon -- I hope you get some, too!

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