Basin Street is the street where....

...all the crazies come out to play! OK, the first part is a lyric from a song, the second is just my interpretation.

My first evening in New Orleans was spent eating an excellent oil-free seafood dinner and walking through the French Quarter. I saw some things that I think I am too young to see...and I didn't want to embarrass my colleagues by taking too many photos.

I only snapped the view from my window...

...which includes my first glimpse of the mighty Mississippi. In the foreground you can just make out the roof of Harrah's Casino....

...which is massive. We walked through today on our way to the conference and saw a sea of video slot machines.

During our sojourn through the French Quarter, we glimpsed Jackson Square...

...and watched the art of cigar rolling.

Finally, we strolled down the famous Bourbon Street. It was a strange mix of historic residences, rundown buildings, flamboyant gay bars (Napoleon's Itch was my favorite), and strange strip joints.

But by far the best part, the true heart of NOLA...the music...

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"Sugary Timbers"

Jaxon has adopted the pirate tongue. Unfortunately he only gets "Argh" correct. The rest comes out to a close approximation -- including "Sugary Timbers" instead of "Shiver me timbers." Close enough.

I wanted to use a different quote from this week but I thought it might be offensive without some background. We were driving around town and kept noticing signs for a hog roast at the local Catholic church. Charlie read one out loud. Jaxon, always full of questions, asked "Why is that Catholic jerk having a hog roast?"

And today he called my friend John "Jina." Long I. Nice.

Anyway, we were driving around town because we were looking for a parking spot -- this weekend is our town's summer festival. The Washboard Festival promotes the only working washboard factory in the United States. And it's right here in Logan, Ohio. Lucky us! To celebrate, the town is decorated in laundry.

Yes, people, this is where I live. We did discover something we didn't know about the town -- Logan used to have a theatre. A group is trying to get it renovated -- it's apparently been shuttered since the 70s. Step one is to get the building bought by someone who would like to renovate. In the meantime, they were letting people walk through. A little spooky, but it has a lot of potential. Jaxon was enjoying the full stage and orchestra pit.

And that was our pre-Father's Day celebration because I am leaving tomorrow for a conference in New Orleans. I've never been so feel free to send me lots of suggestions for places to go, things to see, and, of course, food to eat! I've made a travel bag, but I haven't had a chance to take any snaps. I do, however, have something crafty.

Last time I teased you with part one of this makeover....

Michelle spied the Liberty of London fabric. Good eye! Target marked off all their Liberty clothing 75%. I got a dress and summery shirt, both super cute and about $12 together. I came across a second dress that I knew would be too big, but for $7.50 I couldn't say no.
This is what it was supposed to look like:

Here's the reality:

The top is too big, it makes me look "puffy," and it's about two inches too short. So I took in the top and lopped off the bottom. Leaving me with this:

The skirt is new, too, and made by mom. I *wanted* to wear it with my red heels, but that lasted for about two seconds with this bum ankle...


"I can't go to sleep until Daddy gives me the clap."

Yes, Jaxon calls high fives "claps." And last night he couldn't sleep until he got a high five. Or "the clap."


All my work projects are coming to a head, and I had one of those days yesterday...

My ankle is still swollen so I am still slogging around in the flattest shoes I can find. I was getting Jaxon situated in the car and I slid on some gravel. I skinned up my knee and now it is nicely black and blue (Jaxon's reaction: "Mommy, WHY would you fall down?" Yes, I choose the silliest times to fall down.) Then as we were making our way into the house, one of the eyelets on my dress caught on a drawer pull and ripped.


I had scheduled to stay home today and have used the day to do only things that appealed. So it has made up for yesterday.

This week I have found a little time to work on last month's Bee blocks...

And I made a super quick purse from some surprising fabric...

I'll share more on this soon!


"My eyes aren't made of see!"

The title: Jaxon's response to my suggestion he watch where he's going.

And apparently my hands aren't made of sew, because my mojo is waning. Maybe it's because we are rapidly approaching the end of the quarter AND I have two project deadlines looming. Regardless I don't have a lot to show....

...just this update to my May giveaway. This is what I included in the totes...

...and I made two blocks for the Quilt Around the World, this one for Mel...

..and this one for Terrie.

Otherwise it has been work, work, work. I even had to mark all my Reader blogs as read because I was overwhelmed by all the unread posts. But we did take a break to celebrate the old lady's thirteenth birthday with some ice cream. Happy Birthday Miss Belle LaRue!

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