Feeling Fluish

I like adding "ish" to the ends of word. Or sometimes using "ish" as a word. About the only good thing about having the flu is being able to say, "I feel fluish."

Last Tuesday we had our first real snow of the season, and Tuesday night I was up with the first (and only, I hope) stomach flu of the season. There is never a good time for the flu, but this was particularly bad. I have an excellent colleague who sat in on final presentations for my production class, and Charlie stayed home to care for Jaxon. I've felt well enough to go to work beginning on Friday, but still not 100%. I've spent the last week grading finals, and warding off the cold that is attempting to highjack my weakened immune system.

One bright spot in a bleak week, my new winter shoes came:

Snazzy! From Lands' End.

Also, I pieced the top of Jaxon's quilt. This was really quick to sew and I think shows off the prints well.

Here's one corner. I still need to add an inner and outer border.

But here's the bad news...I've been practicing my machine quilting, and I am still only confident with straight lines. Here is the front of my practice FMQ:

And here is the back:

What am I doing wrong? Obviously there is an overall tension problem, but am I pulling too hard on the turns?

Whatever the issue is, I am not going to have it remedied in time to finish this quilt by Christmas, so I think I am going to have to have it professionally quilted. I don't know the first thing -- advice? How should I find a quilter? What should I ask? How much should I expect to pay? I think this top is a quilter's dream -- lots of big patches of fabric to show off quilting, and an opportunity for some fun patterns. But at this point I'd take some nice looking loops if it means having it for Christmas.

Instead of ending this post on a disappointment, I thought I'd share a picture Charlie took this weekend. He was touring here, and this should be familiar to any fans of The Shawshank Redemption. One of my favorites.


Fabric Glutton

Is that possible? A fabric glutton? The 20 yards of fabric I have in the washing machine say "YES!"

But all that fabric is necessary. Really.

Lots of yardage of Tot Town by Michael Miller for Jaxon's big boy room

Yardage of Chic or Treat from Moda (at half off!!) to finish...

...this! Yes, I am still working on Halloween.

And I forgot to take a picture of the Christmas fabric my sister brought with her for her visit. I need to get started on my Christmas projects, and Pattyfair, but first:

My Halloween runner is finally in use...but now it's a Thanksgiving runner! Unfortunately you can't see my favorite part -- rick rack trim!

And in between all the crafting and grading (one week of classes left!!) we've been auditioning hairstyles for Jaxon:

No more Jackson 5, now it's Jaxon 6!



Look what I did:

Look what WE did:

From CNN.com


Over and Done.

Halloween is over, and my tenure case is done. Here's a photo recap:

Friday morning, Jax comes to work with me to trick-or-treat with my colleagues. He refuses to wear the costume (even through he wore it at home all week).

This is the face of an unhappy Danish viking.

I took Jaxon to his school, and came back to finish up my tenure case. Here it is the moment I turned it in to our director.

Excuse the glare, my transparency film overlays look great in person but not with a flash.

Then it was back to get Jaxon and up to the big city for trick or treat.

Finally, he puts on the costume. White fleece appliqued onto a red sweatshirt, no sew fleece cloak (fur trim is glued on), and a purchased "helmet." Charlie and I bought the shield at the Viking Museum.

Some of the houses were overly decorated for the holiday.

Jaxon clings to daddy while we walk in front of the house with scary music and a smoke machine.

And then a late drive home to find this waiting in the mailbox:

Quarter yards of Sweetpeas on White and Park Slope Pebbles in fuchsia, and one yard each of Lightning Bugs Dog Park and Super Dots, and Alexander Henry's Leap Frog all from Sew, Mama, Sew!

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