Final Stretch

We're now in the last few days of the Hoop Up swap -- and I have two left to go (and my April Bee block, and my hexagons, and my new Bee...).

I spent a little longer on this one than I intended (it's 15" square!!) but it was so much fun. Jennie asked for various size circles in one color. I went with green.

I tried out some new stitches, but I never want to take the time to look them up so I just made them up as I went.

Things have been pretty crazy at work, and Charlie has a cold that I am getting (always at the most inconvenient times!!). And to top it all off, the other morning Jaxon came into the bathroom while I was showering and said he made a mess in the sewing room. Uh oh.

He decided he wanted to "make art" and found his paints (on a shelf I thought was too high for him). This is what I found:

Don't worry, it washed right off.


Found Time

I had a rushed week in preparation for speaking at a conference Thursday, but a big project deadline got pushed so I had some "found time" this weekend.

I managed to finish another Hoop Up embroidery...

...and I made progress on my next inspirational wallhanging (see Love and Luck).

This morning Jaxon was playing in his room, singing at the top of his lungs, "I'm gonna break break break your heart." Over and over...watch out ladies (or gentlemen, I don't judge).

Could he secretly be listening to country music??

-- Post From My iPad (sitting in my car in the driveway while Jaxon naps. BOO-YAH)



I saw this block and fell in love. And she calls it a failed attempt...

Christina pointed me toward the book with the pattern, and it's not something that I would have *ever* picked up without seeing Christina's version of the block.

I found a used copy on Amazon, and I have actually found it quite inspiring! The medallion quilt is there, but I find Christina's version so much more inspiring....

...but these solid fabric quilts are beautiful just as they are....

And there are a few more that are on my radar for future projects. But before I get to them....

...my planned Roy G. Biv quilt needs to come to fruition....

...and I should probably do something with these prints I got with my birthday gift certificate...

...and my Bee blocks are starting to arrive, so I will need to do something with them.

Plenty to do...perhaps I should get started...


Happy iPad Day...er...Easter!

My neighbors were nice enough to sign for my iPad so it was waiting when I got home last night. I'm planning a longer review for crafty bloggers (I might wait for this cable), but in the meantime I though I would try blogging from the iPad.

The photos were taken with my camera and transferred using my laptop -- which is why I need that cable -- but all photo editing was done on the iPad.

The post was written using a blog editor app.

Only one problem: I shouldn't have made the case until I had the iPad in hand. It's a little snug!

-- Post From My iPad



My sewing machine Yahoo group does challenges each month, and I decided it was time to take part. Last month's theme was going green -- either in color or by using recycled materials. I went with the former.

"Luck" is made like "Love," free style piecing and free style letters. This time I used a paper piecing template for the shamrock.

I was a tad bit short on the fabric for the binding so I added a strip of white and added french knot "polka dots."

I'd like to make this a series of three to hang in our foyer. Let's hope I get #3 done more quickly -- it was over a year between "Love" and "Luck."

But before I can start that, I have a couple of project in the pipeline. The next Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along is hexagons. I will use this:

And the UPS man is bringing me a gift tomorrow, and I am sure I need to sew something in welcome.

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