My blog brain broke


It has been a crazy quarter, and obviously blogging (and sewing) has taken a back seat. What I *haven't* shared...

I'm the associate director of our school and we are working hard on the transition from quarter to semesters. It's madness.

It's week 10 of the quarter. Which means next week is finals week. Ouch.

I have another tutorial over at Havel's.

I think I've sewn one thing in 10 weeks. I am going through serious withdrawal. I am going to a retreat next weekend. Can't wait.

I had a skin biopsy that came back positive, and had to have a bit of surgery. Two more to go in November.

The "one thing" I've sewn in the last 10 weeks, is a Captain Jack Sparrow costume for Jaxon (and a bit of my costume, too).

Captain "Jax" Sparrow

My costume, the inspiration, and one of my students (we dressed up for class!!)

And a close up of my TARDIS and sonic screwdriver.

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