I took a few days off for my birthday. I'm feeling old.

I was planning on taking a self portrait to commemorate the day. It didn't happen. See the second sentence for my reason why.

I turned 35 on Monday. The whole family stayed home, and Charlie played with Jaxon so I could sew.

I worked on my Hideaway project.

The center square is almost embroidered. Grading projects or embroidering? I know which one I would rather pick! Have I ever shown you my design wall? I upholstered two pieces of plywood with batting and white flannel and Charlie installed them as closet doors.

I also made a mug rug for the CMQG swap.

I need to do a little hand quilting before its done, but good progress was made!

I'll be back soon with some inspiration photos I took in NYC, my March choice for the Pattern Pact, and Lynz has sent me a sweet little award (It's a major award!).

OK, and I wasn't quite honest up there when I said I didn't take a self portrait. I do have one that I shot with Jaxon while he was brushing his teeth wearing his viking "helmet." I couldn't help it.


Do you Heartsy?

Have you heard of Heartsy? Think of it like Groupon for the Etsy set. I've been watching for a week or two, and a recent deal caught my eye: $19 for $40 worth of merchandise at Hot Pink Chick. I've been on the lookout for some unique, Emma-worthy jewelry and this seemed to fit the bill.

My purchase arrived super quickly and was packaged perfectly! See:

And 10% off my next purchase. Bonus!

And inside...

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own hand?

It's not easy.

And my arm kind of seems...severed.

Two rings and a bracelet for $19? Yes, please!

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