An unexpected break

Well, I didn't mean to take a month-long blog hiatus, but it happened just the same. Things were (and continue to be) extremely busy at work and I've been trying to finish up a giant pile of UFOs. It's pretty bad when you get phone calls asking you to update your blog!

I missed telling you about my birthday, a blizzard, and lots of Easter candy. I also added a few more entries in the "Books Read in 2008" list on the right!

The blizzard actually hit on my birthday. All plans were canceled for the weekend, but it was still a great day. Charlie watched Jaxon all morning while I sewed, then we played outside in the snow for a bit. In the evening we braved the weather to grab dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. And Charlie and Jaxon got me a necklace off my Etsy Favorites list similar to this one by GreenSpaceGoods.

Here is a picture of me and Jax in the snow. The ground was bare three hours before this:

During my sew-a-thon I made this for a friend's birthday (she's a math teacher):

And cut quite a few diapers and wipes cases (which now only need grommets):

I have a couple of baby sets almost ready to go for my Etsy shop, plus I made this one for a school fundraiser. I thought it was a silent auction but I found out later it was a raffle so I hope the person who won this is happy! The baby's best friend blanket is sock monkey fabric backed in red minky, the diapers and wipe case and burp cloths are sock monkey flannel. I have another set like this in yellows ready for the shop, and a larger blanket in pink monkeys that still needs binding.

Finally for tonight, I just finished a quilt top I've been working on. I am completely in love with this fabric. It's all Two Young Street by Prints Charming except the turquoise inset and striped corners. I haven't decided how to quilt this yet, or even what to back it in, but the colors make me happy! I also have another quilt in progress that I keep modifying, and so I need more fabric.

I saved some things to share with you later so I won't take such a long break!

P.S. I have a slight obsession right now. I made a resolution to watch every episode of "The X-Files" and the first movie before the sequel comes out. When I made that resolution I thought the sequel came out next Christmas, but it is actually this July. I've watched at least one episode a day (and on my birthday a lot more than that). I am almost through season 2, which means I have to average about one season a week until the movie hits theaters. Side effect: I am now highly paranoid and see conspiracy theories everywhere. I may need to take a break!

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