It's raining fabric!!

I came home today to a box on my front step. That's always exciting -- especially when it is from my sister! Let's see what's inside.

A gift for Jaxon: "The Cheerios Play Book"

A bag of fabric I was expecting -- I won't add anymore now, it's a surprise for someone!

A surprise for me -- cute, cute sock monkey squares. What should I do with them? She also included a couple of quilt patterns I could tackle. That would have to wait until summer, though.

What a great package to find on my doorstep. Thanks Jen!

Also, I got a package containing this earlier in the week:

I finally found a good deal on this on eBay. I think it might become a bag for myself!

And lastly, this will become a bag by next week. Check back soon!

You might ask yourself why I keep buying fabric and not MAKING anything with it. It's a sickness! Also, things have been pretty hectic at work, and my baby boy, who cannot yet walk, has decided to climb. *sigh*


More fabric and a family outing!

I had some coupons for Jo Ann that were burning a hole in my pocket. Now I just have to come up with ideas for all of this fabric!

You can tell I was feeling springy when I bought all this.

OOO Fabric:

Cute icon fabric (on clearance for $2/yd!):

Elephant coordinates and minky (not sure I'll use them together, but minky was 1/2 off!):

What should I do with it? I was thinking of tote bags with the spring fabric. But what to do with the elephants? It's so cute I'm afraid to cut it!

Also, I got this on eBay this week. I often search for "Jax" or "Jaxon" and this pillowcase came up:

I'm thinking I might make it into a backpack for Jaxon to use when he gets older.

We're finally getting some beautiful weather. I had to go to campus yesterday to shoot some pictures for a contest my students are entering. The students will be modeling the entire campus, and we need pictures of every building to use as textures. One of my colleagues and I said we would do The Ridges. This is a large complex of buildings built in the 1800s for use as a mental health facility. The University now owns it and uses some of the buildings, but a lot of it is in pretty bad shape.

Charlie, Jaxon, and I went early and had a picnic. It's still rather creepy up there, even in the bright sunlight. We took pictures of the main complex and have to go back to get the outbuildings. It was an interesting way to spend the day.


Teethin' and Thriftin'

Jaxon's top front teeth finally broke skin last night. We're all a little tired (and moody) today. He's a trooper though, and I expect he'll be back to his charming self in a couple of days.

Emily and I went thriftin' yesterday (thrifting just sounds too formal). I was looking for found objects to use for the craft swap I'm doing. The swap is through Crafty Daisies, and the theme is summer. At least one thing I send to my swap partner needs to be homemade. I didn't hit the summer craft payload, but I did find some cute things for Jax.

I did find these cutie belts to use as straps for summer bags.

I usually don't buy stuff with licensed characters. I just don't get paying extra to advertise. But in Pixar's case I'll make an exception. These are valances (extra long). I thought I could use the fabric to make something for Jax when he gets a little older. Of course he is going to love Toy Story!

I'll also make an exception for Star Wars. These are a bit too big for Jax now, but I couldn't resist 99c Star Wars overalls!

And a closeup (even the snaps are branded!):

I also got baby Jaxon some other cute clothes, including a summer romper that may have to become a t-shirt by the time the weather changes, and a lightweight jacket.

So there you have it! Not quite the craft hunting success that Pasha seems to have, but a success just the same.


Happy Easter!

It's been a trying week. The cold I caught from Jaxon turned into double ear infections (Doctor: "Adults aren't supposed to get these!" Beth: "Thanks."). I was home sick almost all week last week (which is really what has allowed me to get my craft projects done -- but now I am way behind at work!). Mom and Dad went to visit my sis and bro-in-law, leaving their dog with us. He's a good boy, but having two big dogs in the house feels like four or five! The weather went from 80 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees and snowy. And finally, Jaxon is getting his two front teeth, and isn't happy about it. And did I mention my eczema is out of control??

But not to worry, there is good news, too!!

Look at Mr. Bunny! He looks cute, don't you think?

And I finished the bunny basket as well. I didn't want to tell you about him in case I didn't get him done.



And I have a craft swap to look forward to...more on that later this week!

So Happy Easter to you all, and I wish you all lovely spring weather!


The Month–Long Birthday

On Wednesday I got a birthday gift from my friends Emily and Travis. Isn't it cool? It's a custom decorated cakepan. The ordering process took longer than Emily anticipated so I got it a few weeks after my birthday. Even better...a month-long birthday celebration!

You may have noticed the quality of my photos has gone up. The fam got me a new camera for my birthday. It's awesome. We've shot a few short videos of Jax, and while the quality isn't as great as a dedicated video camera, the videos are still pretty cool.

Check them out on YouTube (with more to come):



WIP: Big Footed Bunny

Isn't he cute? Are you surprised at my progress? I am! It looks like I just might have this guy done by Easter. I have to even out the stuffing, sew closed the stuffing hole, embroider his face and make his overalls. And make Jax's Easter "basket." *sigh*

I have already learned a lot from Mr. Bunny. Having mainly sewn home dec projects (curtains, pillows, and upholstery) and a few simple skirts, I do not have much experience sewing curves. This guy has a lot of curves!

I'm hoping to have his overalls done tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous about the embroidery for his face...

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