Fabric Gifts

I sent Jacquie a little gift to celebrate our shared love of aluminum Christmas trees, and she awarded me with this:

And I am supposed to list five things I like about Christmas, but I am going to bend the rules and list my five favorite holiday movies:

1. Holiday Inn (Fred Astaire plus firecrackers. 'Nuf said.)
2. White Christmas (I want to own every piece of clothing Rosemary Clooney wore in this film.)
4. Scrooged (Perfect casting...I remember seeing this one in the theater and everyone singing along at the end.)
5. Tie: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon (These are Charlie's favorite "Christmas" movies, and I actually look forward to watching them every year.)

Thank you Jacquie! And this is a good seque, Jacquie sent me a thank you of fabric, so I'll show you some fabric acquisitions from the last few weeks.

Jacquie read that I had used all my sock monkey fabric so she sent me more, along with some prints she thought Jaxon would like (and he does).

I commented on another blogger's super cool atomic ranch fabric and she generously offered to send me some. She wishes to remain anonymous, but I still would like to thank her profusely!

This is a gift to myself. I don't usually buy fabric at Hobby Lobby, but I glanced through before Christmas and found this super cute Alexander Henry print. I've never seen it before and it's not on their Website. I went back and bought more for a project idea I have. Stay tuned in 2009!

And finally, my Christmas gift from my sister was a big box of scraps from Repro Depot. These are a couple different scrap bags of both domestic prints and Japanese imports. I have lots of project ideas in mind!

In the rundown to the new year I still need to share with you a few gifts I made, and my goals for 2009. And prepare for school. *sigh*


Catching up...

I hope you all had a good holiday! I have a lot to share with you including recent fabric acquisitions, Jaxon's big boy room (which resulted in a toddler meltdown), and an awesome swap. But because of I just finished playing with one of my presents, I though I would share with you want Santa brought me, gifts of the handmade variety.

My sister picked these prints from my Etsy list, from FriendlyMade. I think they'll be great in my kitschy Hawaiian–themed guest room.

My mother-in-law gave me this great series of prints by Kerry Beary. I have two of the four chairs depicted, so now I have a goal. I have the perfect place for these in my dining room.

My sister-in-law got me this bracelet by KJC Designs. I have two or three other things from her shop on my wishlist, her work is beautiful!

My mother commissioned a local silversmith to create this necklace, a gift to me from Jaxon. The rectangular tag says Beth and Charlie, and the circular, Jaxon.

Oh, how I am so thankful for Etsy, and for my family for giving me beautiful handmade items (and to the hubby for the Wii)!


Giveaway #3 Winner

It seems one of you has been a very good girl this year, because Santa is coming to visit!

The random generator selected:

And number 5 is Molly! Congrats Molly, I'll be emailing you for a snail mail address.

Tomorrow when the light is better I'll snap some shots of Jaxon's quilt, freshly back from quilter's!


Christmas gifts and a photo shoot

Over the last two days I've made 7 Christmas gifts, and probably only spent a total of 4 hours. Still looking for last minute gifts? I can recommend both of these:

Pencil Rolls

I remembered Kathy's beautiful pencil roll, but wasn't feeling that ambitious. Instead I created a variation on this one from Whip Up.

I made one for a six-year-old girl I don't know. I think six-year-old girls like colored pencils, right? The other is for my sister's foster son who is ten. Can you guess which is for whom?

The orange is Heather Ross dogs, the lining is Joel Dewberry broad stripes and brown solid. The pink is Alexander Henry apples and pears and a generic heart I got at JoAnn.

I wanted the orange to be a bit more masculine so instead of the ribbon closure I used a toggle button from an old sweater and a length of leather cording. Both of the pencil rolls came entirely from my stash except the binding -- I didn't feel like making my own.

This is a fun project to see come together. The pinning of each individual pencil sleeve is a little tedious, but goes quickly. I only wish I would have used a different color thread on the orange. I used chocolate brown and the dogs look like they are in jail!

Fabric Notepad Cover

I LOVE this pattern from Skip to My Lou!

Let me tell you all the reasons why!

1. These make great gifts for men or women and young or old. Who doesn't need a pad of paper with a pen nearby? I made them as teacher gifts (this is the first year Jaxon has had a male teacher in the mix), but it would be great to have one by the phone or at the office, or personalized for your favorite student.

2. This makes for an inexpensive gift! The pattern itself is only $1.99. I had all the supplies (minus new notepads and pens) in my stash. You only need fabric (and of course thread and a sewing machine). The pattern includes instructions for an optional elastic band to keep the notebook closed. I didn't have enough elastic on hand so I skipped it. The notepads were just over $1 each and I bought color coordinating pens for $2.50 for 4.

3. This goes together FAST. No messing with interfacing, the notebook provides the support. My favorite part of making this is when you sew everything together and turn it right-side out, there is no hole to sew up or topstitching necessary! The way it is constructed you simply turn, iron, and put it on the notebook! I did 5 of these while Jaxon napped (not including fabric choice which I always agonize over). Last year I was pulling my hair out making bags for all Jaxon's teachers and assistants. This year I did all the gifts in an afternoon!

4. They look great! I love the contrasting pen pocket, and it's a great way to put a little personality into your office supplies.

I give this one two thumbs up!

So my Christmas sewing list is shortening, but not altogether done. I also need to send Christmas cards (ACK!) but we did a little photo shoot last night to get our picture. Here are some outtakes:

My poor old lady was a good sport, of course we bribed her with a treat.

And don't forget to enter Giveaway #3, which ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at Noon EST.


He sees you when you're sleeping....

He knows when you're awake....

He knows when you've been bad or good...

And my blog friends have been good for goodness sake, so I made a Santa for us and a Santa for one of you!

Giveaway #3: Same rules.

One comment gets you one entry. If you post about the giveaway on your blog you get another entry (please let me know in the comments). Entries are allowed until Wednesday at Noon EST.

Yes, Jaxon, one Santa will be going to live with another family!


Giveaway #2 Winner

I've been a bit behind between Charlie's birthday and Jaxon's winter program for school, so today is a day of catch up (and Charlie's family birthday dinner).

Drumroll please. The random generator chooses:

Which corresponds to Bonny's comment! Congratulations, Bonny, I'll be emailing you today for your address.

I will have giveaway #3 up later today, but to whet your appetite, here is a sneak peak:


A winner and the next giveaway

Giveaway #1 is officially over, about 2.5 hours ago. I had to get Jaxon fed and down for a nap, and then finish the item for giveaway #2!

I had 7 comments on the last post, and I still used the random number generator because I'm lazy like that. And the generator chose:

The last comment made! How's that for random! Lisa from Musings from the Mama Bear is the winner! Lisa, I'll be contacting you for an address.

And onto giveaway #2. Same rules from last time:

One comment gets you one entry. If you post about the giveaway on your blog you get another entry (please let me know in the comments). Entries are allowed until Whatever point on Saturday when I finish the item for giveaway #3! Probably noonish EST.

And here it is:

I've been looking for ways to use up scraps of minky from my baby blankets. I came up with this scarflet? muffler? Whatever it's called it has a patchwork front in orange, chocolate, and blue, a chocolate minky dot back, and a vintage button closure.

And here I am trying to get a good shot:

It even looks cute with a sinus headache, no makeup, and a pink terry hoody!


Shiny Christmas

I love a shiny Christmas. And here's proof. We finally put up the tree.

I tried to take a low light picture so you could see the cool color wheel, but I couldn't capture it in all its glory. I need to hang ornaments on it so the spinning is more obvious.

We used to do a fresh cut tree as well, but we haven't since Jaxon was born. I was disappointed we weren't doing one this year, until we started putting out decorations. Jaxon made an attempt to play with EVERYTHING. He loves the tree. He says good morning to it when he wakes up and good night before going to bed. Today he tried to hug it. Many times.

I finished my two practice Christmas quilts and listed them in my Etsy shop. One sold this evening but there is one left. Here they are:

And don't forget, giveaway #1 ends tomorrow at noon when giveaway #2 begins!


Way too many pictures

Okay, get ready...here come the photos...

I had everything ready to go Saturday morning for Pattyfair (warning: Jaxon made an attempt to get in most of the photos):

Two crib–sized sock monkey blankets SOLD!

Four baby sets from my Etsy store (Sock moneys sold -- must find more of that fabric!! -- and retro campers and cars sold).

Three new baby sets: Heather Bailey's Freshcut, Joel Dewberry's Aviary (sold), and M'liss Rae's Travel.

Sixteen new diapers and wipes cases and a few left from my Etsy store.

And a little Christmas quilt for the benefit auction. It only went for $5, but that's five more dollars to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

So that's what I took along. I also made up this for my table (you may have to click to make it out):

And these two crib quilts had to stay at home. I got them quilted and laid them out to cut minky for the backing, when I discovered I didn't have enough red or green! I'm going to try to get these done ASAP and in my Etsy store. Everything that didn't sell is currently in my Etsy store. I am having a sale beginning tomorrow, 20% off all blankets and blanket sets and free shipping on diapers and wipes cases! If you know any expecting or new parents please pass it on!

I used the opportunity to practice my machine quilting, and they aren't perfect. They'll be discounted.

And here is what I bought:

A handbag from Heidi, and a necklace and earrings from Rebecca...

...and a delicious rum cake made by Lynn that I won in the auction. No, I didn't eat half of it, I froze some for winter sustenance.

That's this year's Pattyfair! I got to socialize with friends and I think I made some good connections for possible custom orders and sales. But that's not all...there's more...

I won a giveaway at Loft Creations and received this beautifully constructed (and super soft) pillowcase from Stephanie:

This will go on Jaxon's new big boy bed come Christmas.

My first giveaway win! And it makes me feel generous, so...

1. Because I passed my 100th post...
2. ...and because it is the season of giving...
3. ...and because I've been feeling extra creative lately and Charlie has indulged me by keeping Jaxon occupied...

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! Yes, I'm shouting, because not only am I having a giveaway, but I am going to attempt to do THREE giveaways. Today is giveaway #1, Wednesday will be giveaway #2, and next weekend will be giveaway #3!

Giveaway #1 is a little different from the others, because it is not something that I made, but is still really cool. I made new stockings for us last year so they would all match, and that left me with our previous stockings. And it made me sad to see them tucked away, not being used. So these very cool quilty stockings can be yours, along with a cute quilty Santa bell ornament.

Forest green and red velvet with a satin cuff and an evening star quilt block. I bought these at Hold Everything back before they went out of business.

Rules for giveaway #1: One comment gets you one entry. One comment per person, please. If you post about the giveaway on your blog you get another entry (please let me know in the comments). Entries are allowed until Noon EST on Wednesday, Dec. 10 when the next giveaway goes live. Please make sure I have a way to contact you!

Fun! I'm so glad for my bloggy friends!

Edited to add: I've been feeling kind of lame about the lack of handmade goodness in giveaway #1, and the lack of comments (except Jenifer, who like a good sister comments on every post) so I am adding a brand new charm pack of Merry and Bright by Sandy Gervais and some Christmas-y vintage buttons from the collection of my great grandma. Happy Holidays!


Missed it by *that* much

So this is post #102. How did I miss #100? I am swamped in preparations for Pattyfair, but I feel a giveaway coming in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

I have officially finished the top of Jaxon's quilt. I had to order more fabric for the backing, I ran a little shy. Then I am able to get it to a machine quilter, if I can find one willing to do it before Christmas.

Here it is in all of its glory:

I didn't brave the crowds of Black Friday this year, but I did head to JoAnn's for an excellent Saturday sale. Interfacing was on deep discount, and I also picked up all this:

Three fat quarter sets (two Christmas and one antique toys), black and white fat quarters with a dash of red, and a few half yards of this cute brown and green line

I also ordered this purse pattern from Nanette, and she included a super cute covered button:

And now every waking hour is being spent on items for Pattyfair. I'm removing everything from my Etsy shop on Friday. Whatever doesn't sell on Saturday will be relisted, with a Christmas sale coming. Here is the start:

16 diapers and wipes cases, all of which need grommets and handles, half of them still need top stitching

I also plan on two blanket sets, and two Christmas blankets. I also need something for the silent auction. Doll quilt?

I did manage to get all the Autumn decorations put away in anticipation for the Christmas decorations, and the holiday movie marathon has begun: so far, a modern favorite of mine, and one of Charlie's favorites.

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