New Project: eBay Furniture

I went a little crazy last week when I came across a woman in Cleveland selling a bunch of mid century modern furniture on eBay. It was all "pick up only" which means everything tends to go much cheaper because it restricts who can bid due to geography.

I picked up a Heywood Wakefield dinette set that has seen better days for a great price, and a bid on a great couch but was outbid at the last minute. Lucky for me the high bidder backed out and the seller offered it to me.

We picked up the furniture Saturday, and it's piled into the garage. The couch seems to be the world's heaviest, so getting it into the house will be a chore (any volunteers??) but I'm excited to find some great upholstery fabric!


Anonymous said...

a great resource for vintage furniture: www.objectsintheloft.com

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