Decisions, decisions...

I got a couple of fabric-related gifts for Christmas, and I am trying to decide what to do with them.

These are teatowels from my SIL, but they're too pretty to use as towels.

Maybe two fabulous bags??

And this is a length of silk (about half a yard of 60" fabric) that my sister brought back for me from Lyon, France! Tres Chic!

I hate to cut this...maybe I will back it and use it as a wrap or full scarf.

In other news, I've been trying to get the house back in order before school starts. I put the last of the Christmas stuff away last night; now I have to get our regular decor back in place.

I've also been trying to catch up on my blog reading (my Google Reader is quite bogged down!). I'm behind on commenting, so to all my blog friends: I'm thinking about you and inspired by your Christmas creations!

Finally, I whipped up this skirt, and I am super happy. I've been looking for a jersey knit skirt that could be worn casually with leggings or dressed up with heels. I had no luck -- I even ventured in to the Junior section of Macy's for about five minutes before I was overcome with sensory overload.

This one was really easy to make, and with a nice turtleneck you'll never know it is a drawstring closure.

Sewing the skirt was much easier than getting this picture. Jaxon was ready for a snack. This is me trying to convince him that the grapes would be better than the piece of chocolate behind my back.

While making this skirt I got to use the automatic buttonhole foot for my sewing machine. So much fun! I am going to make more of these. In fact, after I completed this one I was daydreaming about the other colors (periwinkle! coffee! deep red!) of Ponte Roma they had at the fabric store. After all, it's on sale for 50% off and I need less than two yards. But then I thought that is not the fiscally responsible way to start the new year.

So now I am feeling proud and smug of my good money spending choice. Maybe I should celebrate by buying myself something...


Anonymous said...

The lime and brown combination of the bird panel is just beautiful!

PS grapes over chocolate??? Your boy is no fool!

Louise said...

I love the tea towels and if it was me I would frame them and hang them on the wall! I agree with you that the gorgeous silky floral should be used as a wrap or something - very glam! And I LOVE that skirt -what pattern is it??
I left a question for you re my PIF in one of my last posts - you were second to comment so I wondered if you were happy to participate?

Bonny said...

The piece from France is gorgeous. I'd have trouble cutting it too. The skirt looks great! And I'd take grapes over chocolate most days :)

lera said...

That skirt is a cute one!

(And so is that blond-haired baby! Reminds me of my youngest.)

Molly said...

Oooh I totally want to make the skirt. Did you use a certain pattern? Both of my kids are choc-o-holics. I just don't buy the stuff because I love it too, but with Christmas, you just can't help having it around.

Jane's Designs said...

I am so behind on visiting, but I love those towels they are beautiful. And I'm with Jaxon on that chocolate or grape thing, chocolate--me too, me too.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I just LOVE those tea towels!! I think a bag would be perfect! And what a great skirt!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I made it to the blog! Love the towels too! :)

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