Home with Jaxon. Massage. Sunny, clear skies. This Song. Sewing. Outside Play. Grilled Chicken and Fresh Veggies. X-Files. A good day!

Work. Meeting. Teach a class. Meeting. Lunch meeting. Meeting. Meeting. Our film made it into a film festival. It's not done. Hair coming out in clumps. Not good.

I had this guy to keep things cheery, though.

In other news, I attended a meeting of Etsy Team Columbus to learn about good ways to stage merchandise and take photos. Thanks to Michelle at Luxury for hosting! I did a little practicing in the nice weather yesterday. Still not sure how to best capture these things...

Here are some samples:

And my order from ruralFABRIC came today...half yard cuts of all the fabrics in Amy Butler's Midwest Modern -- Ohio Sky palette. Beautiful!


Bonny said...

oh my gosh, i'm jealous of your fabric...I can't get over Ohio Sky its so great!

Molly said...

I love the brown dot wipes case. The pictures look awesome.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Yummy Yummy fabric!!! I think the photos your have taken are great! I love the washing line one and the wristlet action shot!! Have fun with your new Amy Butler - any plans for it??

My Happy Turtle said...

Columbus Etsy group? Do tell....
I just got my first batch of Midwest Modern fabric in the mail too. I'm in love!

Anonymous said...

The new photos look great! I love the one with the wristlet.

My mom has a photo of me much like that of your son...only I had chocolate pie smeared all over my face. (I'm sure it was delicious.)

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