Swapped, 80s style

My oh my, international post to New Zealand takes awhile -- almost 5 weeks! But now that I know the package has arrived, I can share!

The I Heart the 80s swap was so much fun! I spent way too much time listening to 80s music and watching clips of my favorite 80s movies on YouTube.

I received this fabulous package from quiltinkimmie:

I was so excited to get this "Sixteen Candles" wallhanging!! So brilliant! And Jaxon and I wrestled for the extras. The Kermit the Frog pillowcase is now on his bed...but I won the pop rocks! Thanks, Kimmie!

And I was excited to make for a blog friend, Viv!

It was time to cut up Charlie's childhood. Yep, that was one of his bedsheets. He gave it to me when he refused to allow me to cut into the Star Wars sheets. I thought Viv would appreciate it, along with a friendship bracelet I whipped up, a set of PacMan crayons from Etsy, and some pop-a-point pencils (my favorite 80s writing utensil).

I embroidered around PacMan and the ghosts, and then quilted the whole thing with X-es in the pellets. I hope you like it, Viv!

I also stocked up on 80s-themed crafts, just in case we needed a swap angel. The rubic's cube tissue box cover is presently on my cutting table, and the Mr. T embroidery hoop is going to be hard to part with, although I do need to do a five year blogiversary giveaway soon!

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MJ said...

What a fun theme for a swap! Good for you for using your dh's sheet as a quilt! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, loved it all!!! Cameron is minding the mini quilt for me at the moment, it's hanging in his room till I redecorate the sewing room, but I managed to keep all the extras for me :-) Awesome swap Beth and it was so nice to know that it was coming from a friend.

PS. Please thank your hubby for letting you use the Pacman sheets. I love Pacman!

~Michelle~ said...

You have a random treasure trove of awesome sheets, apparently! I still like the Star Wars quilt the best though, lol!

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