Hoop Up!

I can't say no to Hoop Up. I love this swap!

This cycle, I chose as my inspiration piece "notebook notes and doodles" for Jaxon's new bedroom.

Here is what I came up with:

The quote is here. I had trouble deciding, but ultimately the Disney quote won out. the "notebook paper" lines are machine stitched. The "Jaxon {heart} Mommy, Mommy {heart} Jaxon" was a request from the baby boy. So sweet!

I've finished my first swap piece (of two). The inspiration is vintage, kitschy Hawaiiana. Right up my alley! I went with a Shag (my favorite artist) inspiration, to come with this:

Wait, is that shot too artsy?? Here is what she looks like:

I struggled with the purplish skin -- I was afraid she might look like a hula zombie. I went with it, though, and I think she looks fun and kitschy.

I have one more to go!


MJ said...

Two posts in one week?! I'm glad I was sitting down when I read the second! Disbelief! LOL!

Continue crafting, my friend! We are watching!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you're having some embroidery fun! I love the hearts between you and Jaxon!

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