Snow Day

Okay, so it's not an "official" snow day -- the university never closes. But every school district for a 60 mile radius is closed due to inclement weather, and the steady snow we are getting now is supposed to turn to freezing rain; so I have made the executive decision to cancel classes today. It was a tough decision. I had good things to talk about (and show) for both classes today, everything was planned -- but I hate driving on wet icy roads.

I have plenty of school projects OR sewing projects to keep me busy. I did complete two custom orders in the last week, so those are off my plate.

The first is a blanket for a man I work with and his wife who just had a baby. The faculty will give this in our meeting on Friday, I hope they like it. They both hold doctorates in Geography, so I think they'll like the wireframe globes (can you tell they're globes in the picture??).

The second was a custom order for twins. The client saw my blankets at Pattyfair and loved the space theme set. She asked for the original rocket blanket for boy twin, and I made a version (with a purple back and Alien/UFO embroidery) for girl twin.

I have a couple more projects near completion (maybe I'll finish today!) and I have to figure out what to do about the laundry. The dryer died this weekend. Good thing I washed all my new fabric at the end of last week!


jessica said...

have fun with your day off! I'm sure your blankets will be well loved!

My Happy Turtle said...

love the new projects! I hope you had a great snow day. What a strange coincidence - we had a snow day on Tuesday too, and my washer died! Bizarre!

Nikki said...

Love the rockets! I have a huge bin of rocket fabric I've been collecting for my son (now 9 mo.) I think I want to use the blue one with the planets and stars and rockets as the inspiration for decoarting his room. I recently appliqued some of the images onto his pants. So cute!


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