Fabric Glutton

Is that possible? A fabric glutton? The 20 yards of fabric I have in the washing machine say "YES!"

But all that fabric is necessary. Really.

Lots of yardage of Tot Town by Michael Miller for Jaxon's big boy room

Yardage of Chic or Treat from Moda (at half off!!) to finish...

...this! Yes, I am still working on Halloween.

And I forgot to take a picture of the Christmas fabric my sister brought with her for her visit. I need to get started on my Christmas projects, and Pattyfair, but first:

My Halloween runner is finally in use...but now it's a Thanksgiving runner! Unfortunately you can't see my favorite part -- rick rack trim!

And in between all the crafting and grading (one week of classes left!!) we've been auditioning hairstyles for Jaxon:

No more Jackson 5, now it's Jaxon 6!


Cathy said...

Love that tot town - just gorgeous and so is your little big boy!

Thimbleanna said...

What a hairdo! At last I catch up with you! It looks like your Copenhagen trip was wonderful -- love the pic of you with the Little Mermaid statue. (When we were there, someone had stolen her head -- apparently it's not uncommon and they have to replace it now and then.) Your quilting on the yellow and black quilt looks awesome!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Bubble hair is the best! Jaxon is going to have a fantastic room.

The WoodLand School said...

There is nothing better than a laundry room full of projects-to-be! I'm looking forward to seeing how everything turns out : )

MJ said...

If only bubbles would last! They'd make for great wacky hair day designs!

If there's any solace, I encountered reference to a State as "they". A State is an "it". Also, States have borders, not "boarders".

I join you with your sighs. However, I have good news: this year's research papers were an improvement over last year's (probably because I had the papers due earlier so that those who would produce poor papers would drop the class). Last year's worst reference was: "Least we forget" in the context of genocide. I will never forget "least we forget".

Anonymous said...

Fabric is ALWAYS necessary!! I have a number of brand new fat quarter bundles next to me to prove it!!

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