"Your arm is dead, it needs a nap."

I think I'll start using quotes from Jaxon as my title. The above was said today while he was pretending to be the doctor. Not The Doctor, just a doctor. Speaking of The Doctor, I am officially addicted. I have two episodes of Flash Forward and two episodes of Fringe to catch up on, but I keep watching Doctor Who on Netflix.

Anywho....thanks for the well wishes. My ankle is healing well, I'm barely hobbling at all, but I've developed a horrible keep-you-up-all-night cough.

Despite this, I made a great big delivery to the post office yesterday. I sent off the invitations to a baby shower I'm hosting and a blanket for a good friend to give to a good friend...

Don't worry, it didn't snow this week -- this is an old picture!

...as well as my April blocks for the Quilting Sisters Bee.

I also sent out my very last Hoop Up embroidery for Jessica's "under the sea" theme...

Although I was a bit under the gun there at the end, I really enjoyed this swap. I'm looking forward to seeing all my Ed Emberley–inspired embroideries on the sewing room wall.

But there's always another beginning, and I've joined the Quilts Around the World Christmas edition. Each member selects a block or theme and the other members add a block until you have a quilt. I sent this one out yesterday:

My theme is Whimsical North Pole. Members can choose to make this block, or another inspired by the North Pole.

So it looks like I can make good progress when I have to stay off my feet! Gotta go call my mom -- it's her birthday!


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to Mom! Looks like you've been VERY busy. Very cute baby quilt -- I love the embroidery and the cute little tabs sticking out of it. And that Christmas block is super cute too. Getting started on Christmas this early, is probably a great idea! ;-)

FerJeniB said...

B - I am digging the octopus! I too have to call Mom. hugs - Jen

Rebekah said...

That baby quilt is so cute! What a fun way to use embroidery in a quilt.

That octopus is darling!

Lynz said...

Hee!! Dr Who!!! So, are you on to the David Tennant ones? Are you warming to him a little? There was much doubt over here in 2005 about whether he could fill CE's shoes (should that be black leather coat?) but generally speaking he is now *everyone's* favourite Doctor. At least of this re-incarnated version (Tom Baker in the 70's is MY Doctor.) He's Scots, y'know. David Tennant, I mean. So he is obviously super terrific in every way. Heh.

P.S. Oh yeah, loving all your makes, too!! Where do you find the time?!?!?

jessica said...

Wow - look at you go. Maybe I need to sprain/break something so I can get some work done. Ha! I'm sure you would prefer to be on your feet. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of stitching in the meantime.

Corinne said...

Hi Beth, I wanted to let you know that people are asking about your beautiful stitches on my blog - I figured I should let the expert address that :).
ps- you need to officially name that stitch!

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