They grow uo so fast...

Today is Jaxon's first birthday. This time last year I was in labor, and now he's barely a baby any more!

It's hard to remember life without Jaxon. Of course I remember being able to go to the movies whenever I wanted, or sleeping in until after 5:30...but somehow the happy days are happier, and the responsibility is staggering!

Charlie came down with a cold today and he went to take a nap so it has been just me and my boy for the last couple of hours. I don't mind!

Here's how Jaxon spent his birthday -- both the "Tiki Party" on Saturday and today's lunch. More on the Tiki Party later. I had trouble deciding so prepare yourselves for too many baby pictures...


FerJeniB said...

He's the cutest baby ever! (Of course I am not biased in any way) I can't believe that he is a year old! It looks like he had a great birthday. Call me with DETAILS! I plan on spol=iling him at the beach.


Auntie Jen-Jen

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