Travel Crafts: Day 1

So we're leaving for another week away Friday. I'm heading to a conference in San Diego and Charlie and Jaxon are coming along. This will be Jaxon's first airplane ride. Any advice?

I have four sewing projects I'd like to complete before we go. That's one a day!

I did complete one today. Jaxon is a bit too heavy for the sling, but I'd like a way to smuggle him onto the expo floor at the conference -- no strollers! I thought I'd try a Mei Tai. I found this pattern via Jan Andrea's Web site (the same place I found the diaper pouch pattern).

Sorry for the crappy picture, Baby Jaxon was already in bed so I substituted Big Footed Bunny. No excuse for the soft focus. I'll take one with Jax ASAP.

I got the fabric at JoAnn. The home dec fabric was on clearance for $3/yard and the corduroy (for the straps) was on sale for $2.99 yard. I bought 2 yards each and I have a lot left so I think a bag is in order! I think in all the Mei Tai cost me about $8. And the pattern is the best kind -- super easy but the results look great!

Here is my favorite part...the "muff" style pleated pocket.

I almost didn't add it because I was afraid of how it would change the pattern of the fabric, but it's a really functional addition and I think looks great. I have a bag idea rattling around my head that will use something similar. I love that you can get to the pocket regardless of how you wear the Mei Tai (front or back).

How I altered the pattern: My pocket is a half inch less wide and is mounted an inch higher on the panel than called for. I only did this to match up the center flower in the pattern. My shoulder straps are 12" wide instead of 9". Also, I didn't add the tie up straps for the sleeping hood. I seriously doubt Jaxon will be in this long enough to sleep, but really I got frustrated trying to turn the straps right side out. I really hate doing that. I told Charlie that if we ever win the lottery I am going to hire someone whose sole responsibility is to turn my sewing projects.

In other news, my pattern review is up on Sew, Mama, Sew! Check it out when you have a chance. I made these three bags from Indygo Junction's "Handle with Style" book:


Anonymous said...

congratulation on the pattern review. You write well!
I didn't even notice there was a pocket in the big-footed bunny shot until you pointed it out.

Zoe said...

Beth, thank you for your sweet comment! I was actually just admiring your handy work and the pattern review that you gave on Sew Mama Sew! I love the description of yourself too!! :) You are so talented!

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