Vacation, had to get away

Sorry for The Go-Gos reference...

Just two days left of vacation! How time flies!

We spent three days in Raleigh with our friends Marc and Traci and then headed to the beach for a week. Jaxon was a bit unsure at first but has really taken to the sand and the surf (still unsure about the pool).

The weather has been lovely, the food even better.

Jaxon trying LOTS of samples of fresh watermelon at the Raleigh Farmers' Market

And at the beach...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beach photos. The light beside the ocean is always special.

Jane's Designs said...

So glad your having a great time. I was raised in Raleigh and would enjoy summers at the beach. Enjoy and don't let the humidity get to you. Jaxon looking like he is staying cool.

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